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talk like a goofball

April 23 2008

So I got my braces off today. I hate my retainers because they make me talk like a retard. I didn't want to get my braces off either which is very untypical of most people. I'm really going to miss my braces. I guess it's not that bad. I can brush my teeth easier, but other than that I'm really upset about getting them off. I think my teeth looked better with braces because now my teeth look huge. Like buck teeth huge. I also have a missing tooth, so they had to build my pontac tooth into my upper retainer. So that means I can't take it out to eat at school or restarants. Well I guess I could, but it would look really weird with a big gap in my teeth. So yeah, hopefully I get used to my retainers. And I also get an invisible one for my top teeth in two weeks which will make things so much better.

I'm anti-human

April 24 2008
GOOBER!!!!! jk jk i love ya.