Relationship Status


School's Wrapping Up

May 21 2007
So school almost over for eigth grade and middle school, and I'm actually really kind of sad. I want to go to high school, but I also don't want to go to high school because I'm so scared about getting lost and having no friends. The other day we had an assembly, and Ms. Southerland said we wouldn't have the same friends next year. Now Carmen and Keri are being all pesimistic and saying that we won't be friends next year. :( I think I'm actually going to cry now. I've never had a friend for like ever that just not a really good friend. Someone who even though you're not in classes together you still are like best friends. It seems like everyone else has one. I guess I'm just a big dork, nobody wants to spend more time than they have to. I just really want a friend to be friends with no matter what. I guess I have my friend Shauna I've continued to be friends with even though she's home schooled, but it doesn't feel the same. Well back to the school ending thing. I really am going to miss middle school. I'm going to take up two whole camera cards tomorrow of people of middle school so I'll have some kind of memory of them, because apparently nobody wants to be my friend next year. Do you? :'(

I'm anti-human

May 22 2007
Megan, you have a problem. I'm sorry, but Mrs. Sotherland is on crack and I'll always be ur friend. Unless you decide to hate me.......................... : (