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College Field Trip

April 24 2007

Today was our all A college field trip. We went to David Lipscomb. It was pretty fun I guess. I was more fun when we went to Bellmont last year. But we also didn't have to do any school work though, so that was good. They had really good food. I can't wait till' college. I want to go to a private Christian college, and I want to major in journalism. I got this really cute shirt. I just wish Keri and Carmen could come. :( If you guys are reading this, I love you. I didn't get to see you guys like all day. :(

Today was Dressy Day. I had these really cute shoes, but they really hurt my feet. I have these really bad blisters. It didn't help much either that we walked a lot today. Tomorrow's Patriotic Day. I don't really know what I'm going to wear tomorrow. Oh well.

I'm going to miss all my friends tomorrow while they are on the Beta field trip. I would be going if my mom hadn't forgot the due date for the money. Thanks mom. But I think she should have taken the money. I mean a lot of people did the same thing. Oh well. Tootles.

I'm anti-human

April 24 2007
Luv ya 2 Meg!!!!!!!! Who wants to go to a collage anyway?????? Bor-ing!!!!