Relationship Status



April 07 2007

I am so sore right now. I can hardly walk. I did so many toe touches and herkies these past two days I think about doing them in my sleep. We did do a really cute dance though. We had to do a mock try-out. I hate spiriting on. REALLY hate it. I feel like such a fool. I'm always afraid I'm going to trip and fall. Well it was fun though. I really like the cheers we learned. But there was hardly anybody there though. They was only me and Allie and Leslie. There was two other people that came yesterday that I didn't know that came today. Well got to go. We are leaving to go eat.


April 06 2007

Good morning world!!! So today we are having a boring yard sale. When we got to my aunt's house this morning at six I was like super hyper. I'm not even that hyper when I go to school at like seven thirty in the morning. So today I have a cheerleading clinic at Vibe. I'm really excited. Not making cheerleading either years has really bummed me out. It's really hard cheering for six years and then just having to sit there and watch my sister cheer. It's just not fair. :( Oh, well. So today's clinic is from five to seven and tomorrow's is from nine to eleven. I'm really bored right now. Nobody's up right now at this time in the morning so I have nobody to talk to. Except my sister is talking to her best friend Abby. They are arguing over why someone didn't get added to their buddy list on Webkinz. Well got to go do something usefull with my life. See you guys later.

Lunch Fun

April 05 2007
Today's lunch was fun today. Carmen got dinosaur chicken nuggets and was playing with them. It was hilarious. Sarah asked her if her mom had ever told her to not play with her food, and Carmen was like when chicken is shaped like dinosaurs it is a little hard to resist. That's my crazy friends for you. Have I mentioned my friend Keri. You so need to request her as a friend. She is one of the most awesome people you will ever meet!!! Search Keri Poole. If you are still reading this you need to leave now and get Keri as a friend. Go now. What are you waiting for. Well if you are still reading you must not be a fun person so I will just continue to talk to you. I'm so excited we get an extra day for the weekend because of Good Friday. I need a recouping from 9 days of school back from our 2 week break. Well I got to go so I'll post later. Bye guys. And Keri if you are reading this...,"Goodbye Earl..." ;)


April 04 2007

This is a blog all about my family, friends, and life. As you can see from the title my life is chaos. But I like it that way because it just seems normal and I wouldn't trade in anything to have a slow paced life. At dance tonight we learned like five new eight counts in like the last five minuted of class. It was CRAZY!!! It was so fast, I could hardly keep up. I'm just going to have to pracitice like crazy until recital in like two months. I'm so excited about reciatal. Our costumes are so cute. Although I really don't like our dance shoes. They are way to slick. My mom's making me try out for cheerleading. I love cheerleading, but I know I want make it. There is only four slots for freshamans. It's also all year instead of basketball season cheerleaders and football season cheerleaders. So if I ever possibly made it, it would take over my whole life. I like cheerleading, but I don't want to give certain things up. Also camp in KNOXVILLE is one day away before I leave for Australia. I would get back really late that nightn and get like two hours of sleep before I had to get to the airport. Oh yeah did I mention that I'm going to Australia to be an ambassador. I've always got those People to People letters,and this year I finally applied to go, and got selected to go. I'm so excited. So check back each day to get the low down on my life. Peace. :>