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so tired

September 17 2007

It seems like everytime I finish something in school, something else comes up. It's never ending. I can't wait till fall break so I can actually relax for a whiel. But even then I have to do a research paper. Ugh. At least I have dance to relieve some stress. I can't wait! We start competition tonight. Yay!

I'm in a really weird mood right now. I'm not really sad, but I'm not really extremely happy about anything. I'm kind of just floating through life, and it seems like the only things that make me happy anymore are past experinces.

so tired

September 17 2007

I have been so tired lately. It seems like in school after I get one project done, I have another right after that. It's never ending. As lond as I'm doing well I guess. Well, IF I'm doing well. At least I have dance to let all my stress go. I'm so excited. We get to start competition tonight.

I'm in a really weird mood. It's kind of like I'm just floating through life with no emotions. I'm not really sad about anything, but I don't really have anything to be extremely happy about. Which makes me kind of sad in a way. I don't want to miss out on life. It seems like all my friends go on with life no matter if I'm happy or sad or whatever. I wish I could back and relieve Australia. It was so much fun. I didn't care what people thought, and I just had fun. I guess it kind of had to do with that none of the people knew that much about me like people who have gone to school with me forever. So I could become anybody who I wanted. Which is really nice. Sometimes I wish I could start all over in a new school for those reasons, but then I would miss all my friends. But sometimes I wonder if they would really miss me.


September 16 2007

So I just found out that my cousing is getting married. And I'm going to be the maid of honor. At first I didn't believe her. But then my aunt called my mom and told her. I just can't believe it.

Jumangi Stinks!

September 14 2007
Ok, not the movie, buth the subject. You are probably thinking, "What is this girl talking about?" Well, today in geometry, Ms. Post said math was like a game. Once you figure out a problem, you've won the game. I told Carmen that I never win that game, and I'm going to die a horrible death, when I get a B on my report card. Then I was like geometry is like Jumangi, a never ending dang game. So yeah.

1st Report Card

September 10 2007

We got our first report card today. I happy with my grades.

Geometry 95

English 100

Journalism 100

Wellness 99

Although I could do a little better in geometry. If I can only keep my grades that high, and bring up geometry, I'll be doing great.

oh well

September 08 2007
So the pageant was today. At ten o'clock. I was so tired. I had to get up so early to get my hair done. I didn't win, but it was really fun. I might do it next year. Maybe. I don't know. Everyone's dresses were so pretty. Ugh, three people had the same dress as me. I felt so weird. Everyone had a lot of make-up on, and I had like none. I really hate wearing make-up. It makes me feel so fake. Besides I don't need. I'm just so pretty with out it. Ha, I wish! So, yeah. It was a fun day. Can't wait 'till next year...maybe. lol

Vitamin Water

September 07 2007

I absolutely love Vitamin Water. It tastes really good, and I love the commercials and ads on the bottles. Although, I'm lead to belive that it's not really water, and I've always wondered if what the "water" is supposed to help you do (focus, strength, revive, etc.) actually helps you in that way.


Well anyway here's a bottle ad from the water I got tonight, and probally one of my favorites so far...


if you woke up tired, you probaly need more sleep. if you woke up drooling at your desk, you probaly need a new  job. if you woke up with a headache , on a ferris wheel at the idaho state fair, wearing a toga, you probaly need answers. not to mention this product.

 it's got potassium and b vitamins to help you recover and feel refreshed-kinda like in those old irish spring soap commercials.

and if you're like our boss, mike, and woke up married to an elvis impersonator, you probaly need a lawyer.


I thought this was hilarious. Especially the elvis/lawyer part. lol

 Talk to you wonderful guys later. I'm out! 


September 07 2007

I realized that when you put your cursor over the pictures they swap like they are being mirrored. It's really cool looking. I thought I would just tell you guys.


So...I haven't posted in a while. I haven't had time to do anything lately because I'm always doing homework. I've been getting like five hours of sleep a night for the like past two weeks. I can not wait 'till fall break so I can get some rest. Better yet I can't wait 'till winter break so I won't have honors geometry and English, which is like my two hardest classes. Although I'm acutally doing really well in English and OK in geometry. I got a 95 in geom. and a 100 in Eng. I can't wait until next semester though because I'll have all easy classes.


I can't believe I haven't gone to the fair in like two years. The only reason I'm going this year is because my sister's pageant is tonight and mine is tomorrow morning. I'm really nervous I will like fall on my face or something. I'm kind of nervous about being asked a question, but that's only for the top 10 which I most likely won't make so I don't think I'll have to worry about that.


Well I got to be talk to all you fun guys and gals later. ;-)

It's Raining

August 29 2007
I'm so excited! It's actually raining at my house after such a long time. I'm suprised I even remember what rain is considering it's been so long.  Now it just needs to rain for like two weeks non-stop,and then MAYBE we won't be in such of a drought.

The Crusty Wizard

August 27 2007
Today in journalism we worked on a two-page newspaper we have to make. We spent most of our time trying to come up with a name, but we finally came up with The Crusty Wizard. (It's a long story.) Our lead story is about an Australina wizard named Brundie Ashla turning his pet cat, Correboree, into a pyterdactil. As you can see we were very bored and needed to entertain ourselves.


August 24 2007

I'm so frustrated right now. I haven't been able to sleep at all hardly the past two weeks because I've have so much homework because of stupid honors classes. But what's really odd is so far I'm making a whole lot better grade then last year in English this year. And somehow in journalism I have a 114. I've had so many projects already this year. I just finished and turned in a poem for English last week, and this week we started a new project that was due today and next Friday. High school is so much harder, and I miss eighth grade so much. I'm also stressing about this pageant fair. I would actually be excited if I had a chance of winning, but I don't. There's a lot of people in my group, and they are all tons prettier than I am. My pageant pictures are also extremely horrific. I look like a fat cow.


Well sorry for my rant, but I needed to vent....


"I hope this is the corn dog line. If it's not, I'll be disgruntled."

Crown Rules

August 16 2007

The rules for the Burger King crowns:



A.) Adjust size and be the first to place on head.

B.) Whoever places the crown on his or her head first, then in a loud voice proclaims, "I am the King" is from that moment forward, in charge. Rule ends if Crown is removed (see Coup d'etat). Crownings can happen anywhere, at anytime.



1. There can only be one king.

2. The King always gets his/her way.

3. The King must speak with some kind of cool accent.

4. The King makes all important decisions governing selection of TV channels, movies, radio stations, pool hopping and cow tipping. The King also determines who gets the remote, who rides " shotgun" and, of course who pays.

5. Rule ends when Crown is removed for more than 3 seconds (see Three Second Law).

6. Disagreement with the King results in a "penalty." This is decided by the King. Common penalties include: forfeiture of fries, surrender of video game controller and banishment from office cubicle.



The King's rule ends when the Crown is removed from their head for any reason, accidental or otherwise. The first person to exclaim, "One...Two...Three...King" may claim the Crown.



If two people Crown themselves King simultaneously, the person whose birth date is closest to Dec. 4, 1954 (date the first BURGER KING restaurant opended) is King.



If everyone agress you completely stink as King, your rule may be renounced. This constitutes a Coup d'etat. A new King may be Crowned if the group reach a unanimous decision. If not, the Three Second Law applies.



If you are eating in a BURGER KING restaurant, your rule extends all the way to the edge of the parking lot. Off restaurant grounds, your rule extends to a radius of 10 feet around you in any directions.


WARNING: This BURGER KING Crown is made of paper. Your rule may end prematurely if Crown is exposed to water or flame.



Credit given to Burger King.





Homework and Tea

August 02 2007

You know what's even worse than summer having to end and you having to go back to school? Having homework on the second day back. I mean it wasn't hard at all. It's just the prinicple. I really hate homework. That means I have to take books home. I know. That's so horrible. But still. I guess it could be worse though. Although I'm pretty sure I failed my first test in geometry today. I can't do anything mathematical without a calculator. It's really kind of sad. Ever since sixth grade I haven't been able to do anything in my head. I don't even remember all my multipication facts and how to divide correctly. I'm really afraid I'm going to fail. Well I'm pretty sure I won't fail, but I could possibly make a C. Yeah, and you can't get into a good college with a C average. And I can't even quit honors classes because then I still won't be able to get into the college I want. I guess it's a lose-lose sitituation. Oh well, whatever...


On a better note, the funniest thing happened tonight. We were at McDonald's, and my sister and me were getting our drinks. My sister was getting tea, and when she pushed the thing down you push to get the tea to come out, the nozzle came completely off. Tea was gushing everywhere. I almost died laughing. It was so hilarious. They had just refilled the tea thing befor we got there so it was completely full. The girl that was working there that was trying to fix it got completely soaked. I think my sister felt bad. I would be mortified if it had been me, but since it wasn't I guess I can laugh about it.


"Make the honey." - Keri, Carmen, and Megan

First Day

August 01 2007

So the first day of high school was not as near as bad as I thought it would be. But really the only thing I was worried about was lunch. I got one of my best friends (Keri) in my lunch shift. Only half of my classes I don't have really good friends in. But even then I have casual friends. I think my favorite class this year is going to be journalism. It sounded so fun today when the teacher was talking about it, and I have Keri in that class. I think my favorite teacher is going to be my English teacher. He seems so funny. (Oh yeah, and we do have to read the introduction, guys. How fun!) The only class I'm iffy about is wellness. The health part will be ok. Just not the excercsing part. Although that's good I guess. I need to exercise. We just have to swim. I don't want to swim. The school pool just seems so gross. I even didn't get lost once which is odd because high school is huge, and I got lost a lot in middle school which is tiny compared to high school. But I do have to say, it's really not that confusing, you just have to walk through a lot of doors. I'm surprised the upper classmen weren't all mean and stuff. Although one guy did try to sell us hall passes while we were taking a tour. I was like, "No, I think I'll stay in class."  I'm really glad it's only four classes instead of like six or seven. And only two of my classes actaully require studying time or homework which is really good. I was really shocked that almost hardly anyone changed over the summer. Usually you see dramatic changes. Well I guess that's about it, so yeah...


"You've just been habeebed."

"You've just been habeebed."

Jesus Saves

July 28 2007
Today at church we did that riff raff rock art stuff. It was really fun. I got to hang out with my church friends. Although I've kind of hung out with them every night this week because we had VBS, but that's a different story. Anyway. So we made 'Jesus Saves' in rocks, and it looks really cool. We spray painted the words red and filled everything else in. The only down side was that it was extremely hot. I probably sweated off like 5 pounds. But like I said, it looks really cool.

Major Changes

July 19 2007
It seems like everybody is thinking I've changed a lot this summer. I mean I can't disagree. I've noticed the changes. I just don't know if I've changed for the good or bad. I remember when our middle school vice principal said that we would probally have different friends in high school we were all mad. Now I'm kind of thinking she might be right. I mean I'm not going to have completely new friends. I'm positive I'll keep some of my friends from middle school. I'm pretty sure me and Keri will still be friends. How could we not? I just feel really weird, but in a good way. Before middle school was over I kept saying I wish I had more confidence, and my mom has said she thinks I've found it. Apparently she's noticed that I'm a lot more outgoing, and I talk to more people. I kind of feel bad though because I was really sad eighth grade was over because I would miss all the good times, but now I'm not that sad anymore. I think I hurt one of my best friends feelings because I said that I had more fun than I had ever had in Australia. It's not that I didn't have fun in middle school. I certainly did. It's just that I always say I've had the most fun I've ever had after something major like that. And you could say I did, but it's not to say that I won't have more fun with things that haven't come yet. Like high school. I'm not going to say I'm not completely scared of it because I'm not. I'm still really nervous, but I'm also really excited because high school is going to be a major part of my life. And now that I'm more outgoing I think I'm going to have a great time.

So Aussie Was Great

July 17 2007

Warning: This thought will probably be extremely long considering it's wrapping up twenty days.


So Austalia was the best experience I could ever ask for. I made so many great friends and did so many new things I didn't think I would ever do. At the meetings before we left they kept telling us we would come home changed, and I do feel changed. I feel like a whole new person. I know this might sound weird, but it seems like my life before this trip was just a minor part of it. I know I've said eighth grade was the best time of my life, but I've completely changed my opinion. Australia was, and I still have the rest of my life to go. I'm so excited about everything now! I feel a lot more confident and outgoing than I ever did in middle school. And I'm totally over any guys I've ever liked in middle school. I've finally realized there is a whole world of people I've never met, and I know one person is just waiting for me somewhere. I'm learning not to settle for someone I kinda like. I want somebody I can share my life with.

So at the beggining none of us thought things were ever going to go well. Our flight out of Dallas was delayed five hours because of weather and the flight attendants weren't there. Because our flight was delayed so long, we missed our plane to Sydney, but we were lucky and caught an extremely late flight out of LA to Sydney. It wasn't all that bad though because we got to get some sleep because there wasn't any flights to Cairns until the next morning. Our bus also broke down, so we spent about two hours on a dirt side road waiting for somebody to come and get us. Our first official activity was the farm stay. I thought it was going to be extremely boring, but it was were I met most of the people, and had a lot of fun. My most memorable experience was probably the goat being put into our tent. It was really cold too. It got down to -7 celcius which about 20 something farenheit. And all we had was a sleeping bag, and a sheet. At Airlie Beach we got a civic welcome. It was pretty boring, and I almost fell asleep, but it made me feel special that somebody would want to recognize a bunch of American students. I also got my first shopping experience that day.  The Great Barrier Reef was absolutely amazing. It was so pretty. We got to try raw sugar can. It tasted pretty good, but it was really hard to bite off. We also tried sugar cane juice which was really sweet. We stopped by a school one day to have lunch, but there wasn't a lot of kids because they were on holiday too. We did meet a few kids that went to the school. They were pretty nice. The same day we stayed the night at UnderWater World. While we were there the electricty went off, and the downstairs flooded. So we had to eat in the dark, but the lights finally came back on. I actually slept a lot better than I thought considering we slept on the floor. After that we went to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. It was so pretty there. We got to try sand toboganning there. It looked really scary at first, but it was so much fun. The only downside was you get sand everywhere. We also got to feed the dolphins. The day we met our family we got to shop at our first Austalian mall. It was so much fun because we had a lot of free time to be with our friends and do what ever we wanted. My home stay wasn't that great. There wasn't much to do, and our home stay mom didn't have any kids of her own that weren't already grown up. My bed also smelled really weird. We did get to go to the beach and do some shopping. She was also home staying two Korean brothers. They didn't talk much, and we kept losing them. We got to visit a light house. The location was so pretty. I got some of my prettiest pictures there. Probaly one of my most exciting activities was the Full On experience. We got to try the giant swing. It wasn't really that scary, but I couldn't figure out what to pull. After I figured it out though it was so much fun. We also did rapelling which isn't that fun, because I was seem to hurt myself when you first kick off. We got to go the top of the Sydney Tower. It was so amazing. The Opera House was also really pretty too. We saw a giant organ. It was amazingly huge. It had like 27 rows of pipes. We got to try cricket. It was kind of like baseball, but a little different and a whole lot harder. We enedn our trip at the Hard Rock Cafe. We were dressed up in 80s clothes, and it was so much fun. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes, and my stomach hurt. Before we left I had mixed feelings about wanting to stay and wanting to go home, but after I was back in America I couldn't wait to see my family. I saw my dad first, and I was so choked up I could barely talk. I was so happy, but I was also a little sad that I was leaving my new friends. I can't wait till' our reunion so I can see everyone. It's going to be so crazy and fun being with everyone again.

My Camera

July 07 2007

My camera broke again, and if you're my friend you would know that I break a lot of cameras. So right now I can't take pictures. I'll probably have to buy a new one, but it'll be Australian so that's cool. I had lots of fun today, but I'll tell you about that later because I'm fixing to run out of money.


Friends Make the World Go Round


July 01 2007

It is so much fun here. We stayed on a farm the last few days. It was super cold at night, but it was really fun. I'm taking so many pictures it's not even funny. I've made lots of new friends. My best friends so far are probaly Blaiz and Tiffany. I post picutures when I get home. Oh my goodness, when we were at the farm stay the leaders put a goat into our tent. I was so scared. I also had to milk a cow. It was gross and I'll never do it again. We are going to the Coral Reef tomorrow. We are at the coolest hotel right now. It's like a resort and all outside. I absolutely love it.  I actually have to buy a new suitcase here. The airplane people jacked mine all up. They completely ripped my wheel off so I'm having to drag it right now. The most I'm willing to pay is $300. That's like a third of my spending money.  Well I should go so I'll talk to you guys later. Peace.


Australians Rock My Socks Off!

Packed and Ready

June 25 2007

So I leave for Australia tomorrow at 11:00. I'm so excited, but I'm really scared because it's a 24 hour flight leaving from L.A. Not including the long flight from Nashville to L.A. I don't know if I'll be able to get any sleep at all. I also hate plains. I would think I would be used to plains after all these years, but nope, I'm still completely scared of them. But I feel a lot better because yesterday after service my pastor called me up to the altor, and everyone prayed that I would have a safe trip. It makes me feel a lot better that all my church, family, and friends are praying for me. I feel kind of bad thought because I have a feeling I might not have that much fun. But I really want to because it cost my family a lot of money. Around $6,000 to be exact. I don't want to let my family down after they paid all that cash. I feel even worse because I'm complaining that I didn't get to go to Washington or camp this year. I know it's really selfish to say that, but I can't help feeling disappointed my sister gets to go to my most favorite camp of all time next week, and I'll be in Australia. Which should make me happy because that's on the other side of the world. But it doesn't. I'm just really glad I'll be leaving tomorrow so maybe I'll get my mind of all this, and have some real fun. I can't wait to go crocidile hunting. I also get to do the zip line and go sand dune  surfing. So I think even though I have worries about not having fun, I will. So everything's good! I won't be back until July 15(It just seem so weird going to another country on the other side of the world for 20 days) so it will be a while before I get back on here and update anything, so talk to you guys later.




June 24 2007
Why must life me so difficult? Why can't there just be a simple answer? Because I'm apparenty not good at choosing the right thing to do. Why does it seem when you need your parents opinion because you don't have any idea about what to do the most, they just tell you "I know you'll do the right thing, honey." How can they possibly know that? And if you knew me, you'd know that I hardly ever do the right thing. Or maybe I did. Or, I don't know. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that maybe I do the right thing for me, but maybe's it's not what I WANT to be the right thing. Do you ever feel that way? Because I do like ALL the time. How do you really know if what you did was the right thing? Sometimes I feel like somebody could be the right person for me, but then I think if they were they'd like me back right? Can it really be that simple? So as you can see, I'm really confused between what's right and what I want to be right. Just pray for me that maybe one day I'll figure it out. Hopefully.'s fun.

June 22 2007

Some random info about me. It seems all my friends are doing one of these, so I thought I would.

1.Hi my name is....Megan Bell.

2.Never in my life...have I had a boyfriend. Yeah, I know. Sad.

3.The one person who can drive me nuts is...everybody sometimes, I guess.

4.High going to be fun, but really scary at first. Can't wait!

5.When I'm nervous...I feel sick.

6.The last time I cried was...last night, although I cry almost every night. It helps me clear my thoughts.

7.If I were to get marrried right now my wedding party would be...sad because I would be marrying somebody I don't love.

8.My hair is...brown, and right now really pretty because I just got it cut, but I'll probably never be able to fix it like my hair dresser.

9.When I was five...I let my imaginary friend go because I was going to Kindergarten. Yeah, I know imanginary friends are dorky, but I was an only child for four years of my life. I had to have somebody to play with.

10.Last Christmas...I got a cool new video iPod which I hardly ever use anymore.

11.I should be...pretty and loved by everyone. ;-)

12.When I look know I'm self-concisous.

13.The craziest recent event was...I don't really know. I haven't done much fun stuff since I've been out of school. So probably fitting five people in a picture booth at the mall on a birthday trip.

14.If I was a character on Friends I'd be...Phoebe. I'm really random like her. But the stuff she says and does really does make sense if you think about it.

15.By this time next year...I will be in high school, a world-class traveler, have my driver's permit, and hopefully my first boyfriend.

16.My current gripe is...I'm really bored, and I can't drive yet so I can't spend my time shopping which I will do once I get my license. So once I turn 16, I'll spend most of my time at the mall shopping.

17.I've looked on everyone's and there doesn't seem to be 17, so...on to 18.

18.There's this girl I know...who's really cool. People just don't give her a chance.

19.You know I like you...if there is a picture of you on my camera.

20.If I won an award the first person I would tell would mom.

21.Take my things you want to do. Because if not you'll regret not doing them and you'll feel like kicking yourself, and you'll want a time machine to fix things...

22.My most wanted item is...a new cell phone. Mine stinks.

23.If you visited the place I was'd be most likely be where you are right now.

24.I plan to more outgoing.

25.If you spent the night at my'd have to be my sister's best friend and my honorary step sister Abby, because otherwise I wouldn't let you see my family.

26.I'd stop my wedding if...I found out that my groom or me hand second thoughts.

27.The world could do without...misunderstandings.

28.I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach...than run outside naked.

29.The most recent thing I've bought ticket.

30.Most recent thing someone else bought for me...was a hair cut.

31.My favorite blonde...doesen't care about me.

32.My favorite brunette...besides myself, is Keri.

33.My favorite red head is...I don't know to many red heads to have a favorite.

34.My middle name is...Lynn, and I hate it because I say it with a very bad country accent.

35.This morning...I read a book.

36.The animal I would most like to see fly besides birds...are penguins. It's just not fair they are birds, but can't fly.

37.Once, at a bar...I didn't do anything because I've never been to one and never plan because alcoholic beverages are stupid.

38.Last night...I cried because I never do things I want to do.

39.There's this guy I know who...I'm trying to forget about and not like anymore.

40.I don't know why...I such a dork and why I have to mess things up so much.

41.A better name for me would be...Loser face.

42.Tomorrow...I'm going to be sitting at home and probably reading yet another book. I've read 12 books, each a minimum of 300 words, since we've been out of school.

43.My birthday is...March 8, and of no importnance to anyone but myself. I've once even forget it was my birthday.

44.What I really want for Valentine's a valentine for once.

45.I'm allergic to...something, but I don't know what it is. I had an allergic reaction once, and we didn't know what was going on so my mom took me to the emergency room. They said they could do one of those tests where the poke you with common allergents, but I'm afraid of needles so I said no way.

My Mom's Work

June 20 2007

So...I had to come to my mom's work today because I have a ortho appointment later. I've been really bored so far. My mom's at a meeting so I thought I would get on the computer. There's not much to do here. I guess I could go explore, but I'm afraid I'd get into trouble. The only thing fun I've done lately is take a bunch of random pictures around her office. I'll put them on here later. Well I guess I'd better go. 


Friends Make Life Fun!


June 19 2007

So as the title mentioned, I'm actually truly happy, since school got out. I'm not THAT worried anymore about high school anymore. I'm actually a little looking forward to it. Except maybe getting lost, having no idea where my friends are, and not knowing if I'll have anybody to eat lunch with. Oh well, I'm hopefull things will work out. It also seems things are getting better on the friend side of things. Which I'm EXTREMELY happy about. I thought I was going to lose one of my best friends. I just hope things continue to move forward. I've started to read again. Maybe that's why I'm so happy. I always do seem to be in a better mood when I read. I just love to read. Well anyway, the thing I'm most happy about is...I'm leaving for Australia in like exactly a week. Yay!!! I'm actually happy I'm going to the orthodontist tomorrow. Although I've kind of always liked going. I like getting new colors and stuff, but I also can't wait till' this fall to get my braces off. I can hardly remember what my smile looks like with out braces. Although I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who actually look OK in braces. Well I guess I better be going. Tootles.

P.S. I'm extremely happy! Which is so awesome!!! ;)


~Sunshine is Free~ (From a shirt)

Australia Hotspots

June 16 2007

These are all the places I'm going to be staying at in Australia.


All Seasons Sunshine Tower Hotel (Cairns):

All Seasons Sunshine Tower, Cairns


Woodleigh Station (Ravenshoe): This is where are farm stay will be. I'm a little scared about what we are going to do exactly on a farm, but I'm up for anything I guess.


Long Island Resort (Long Island)


Rydges Capricorn International Resort (Yeppoon):


UnderWater World (Sunshine Coast): We get to stay the night at an aquarium. It's going to be fun sleeping with the fishes. I don't think I've ever done that, but I did spend the night once at the zoo when I was in Girl Scouts. That was fun.



Entrance to UnderWater World at Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort (Moreton Island): The Scooby Doo movie was shot here. It become "Spooky Island."


Home Stay: I can't wait for this. It's going to be awesome and so much fun. I can't wait to meet my family. I hope they have a kid my age so I can go to school with them. (It's their winter there right now, so they are still in school.)


Opal Cove Resort (Coffs Harbour)


Mangrove Mountain (Sydney, Mangrove Mountain)


Travelodge Wentworth Ave (Sydney)


If any of yall' have ever stayed at any of these places and have any tips for me just let me know.