People have to be retarded...

October 18 2006
People have to be retarded because everyone keeps telling me that I am a great guy. Well, except for Sarah, but she loves me anyways so she is retarded in general (hehe I love you!). Honestly, I am a mean, stick up his ass kind of guy who just does the right thing, and if that makes me a good guy then damn it I will try harder to be a jerk. All these touchy feely freshmen and their gushy lovey dovey feelings. Good thing it is not contagious. Jeeze, people today and thinking I am a good guy. What has the world come to? That is the fifth level of retardation right there.

Sarah Vermillion

October 18 2006
If by retarted you mean "genius," then yes - that would be quite an accurate description of me. : p

Callie Lund

October 19 2006


October 21 2006
i guess im one of those hard to find non-retarded ones... cuz i've never sed that.... my mommmy ses i should always tell the truth... i love u though!!!!!