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October 08 2006

So ah yeah, I saved someone's life today. I found her on the side of the road just walking around and was scared half to death. Poor girl was starved and you could see her bones through her paper thin coat. I was just walking back to my house after church when some asshole stop his car at a stop sign throw the poor thing out and speed off. I took her home got her some food and water. She was scared of my dogs at first but slowly warmed up to them. She was very thankful and curled up in my arms, not making a sound but I knew she was nonetheless. I gave her a bath and realized that she really like kissing me, granted all puppies do! Yes, it is a little pit bull puppy dog and by the looks of it a few months old. Since I found her I dubbed her "Little-Bit" because that is all she is: a little bit of skin and bones. With a little food and water she will be fine.

I aslo got my senior pictures back from Michael's finally! Those people take so long on the pictures. Anyways, Rachel and I were also in the newspaper about the disaster drill. Rachel was my deaf sister and I was a crazy guy who kept on screaming for his dog named "Shotsy" and also thought he was Luke Skywalker.... Yeah, good times, good times...

Sarah Vermillion

October 08 2006
Puppyyyyyyy... You're such a good guy, Michael. See yous tomorrow!


October 08 2006
Oh, we did. We were kind of freaked out about having no one to call or anything if something bad were to happen. I promisewe're good kids we behaved.

Maja Opacic

October 08 2006
Aww that was a very kind thing to do. I'm so proud of you!

Callie Lund

October 09 2006
awww poor puppy, its so thin