My New Year's Resolution *dang this is long*

January 01 2006

  My New Year's Resolution is to show compassion and mercy. Lately, I have been in an abnormal mood: happy. Strange, don't you think? The only downside about this is when I am, nice and what not all the gall darn JROTC girls flirt and expect it back. I hate it! I do not like rotc-girls, I actually find it disgusting, no offense to any of them. I just don't find girls who and tough and manly attractive. I guess I am old fashion. Although, I have made the mistake in dating a few, but that never lasted long. To be honest the only JROTC girl I can stand is Sarah, that is only becuase she doesn't really act like one. I think another thing that gets on my nerves is the way the JROTC girls walk, and there is a difference; it is just hard to explain. How did I get on to this, anyways?

Any who, without getting into too much detail, my break, both of them, was a much needed and successful in what I wanted to do with it, well, most of it was anyways. The only real downside to this break was I gained a little weight (although, I haven't checked, I feel like I have), and my body feels a little on the impure side, but when school starts, it'll make fasting and training easier.

Tomorrow, I am going out to eat with a friend, a mentor from church, and going to go see a movie with a bunch of friends from church. So, all of that will be funny and a good ending to a great break.

I stayed up last night to watch the ball drop, then I drop into my bed. I was dead tired, and I do not think I dreamed at all. I had to make a trip to Target at 6 o'clock last night for a blender and CD-RW. The blender because our other one broke and my mom want to make more grasshoppers (ice-cream shake with Cream Da'Mint *alcohol*). 

I also found out that if I am left alone for too long, I start to think way too much. Hahah, yeah, yeah, a guy thinking too much is not alot, but I mean it, too much idea flowing through my little male brain that is drives me insane and I need a brain-drainer (TV, computer, that sort of a thing).

I think that is enough writing and probably errors. Ttyl

Sarah Vermillion

January 01 2006
<i>"To be honest the only JROTC girl I can stand is Sarah,"</i><br><br>Thanks for throwing that in there. I was going to have to pretend to be offended for a second.<br><br>I had dreams on New Year's. Mostly about having to pee and not being able to find a bathroom. And now that you know that piece of valuable information, I think it's time for me to go.