so's been forever

October 19 2006 a lot has happened since my last post

Summer was great although I worked during most of it

My life is going extremely well although...

I totalled my car about a week ago. So I'm without wheels for a little while....but it's for the best really because I actually needed a different car so I can haul more stuff...including ass....which my little Toyota (RIP) couldn't really handle.

but that's that......and this is a website and it's late at night and I'm tired


So I guess I'm single again....oh behave baby!

May 29 2006

Things went sour with Chelsey today. Actually they have been for a while now, but that's ok. It's a chapter in my life that I will not soon forget and have learned much from.  I think I'm better for the experience and regret nothing other than the fact that we couldn't have ended things in a more friendly state.

But hey, that's all done now. I think that I'm gonna play it safe for a while though. I don't have enough time for another significant person in my life at this point in time. I need to devote the little time that I have left to the things I already have time invested in to make them better.

Well ladies and gents, we're gonna start recording this week I think so be prepared for some new material from Sound Presidential.

Hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day! Remember the troops.

-Marshall I miss thee

May 07 2006

Summer is going to kick face. Why you ask?

For starters, freakin' warped tour is coming to Starwood and I will be there! The list of bands so far is awesome and there are a ton more to be named. Just being able to see Emery, Underoath, Thursday, Plain White T's, Mute Math, and all the other awesome bands on the same day is so worth $40.

I'm actually gonna be making some good money this summer, whether it be working with dad, taylor's dad, or still working at the stupid feed store. Working with dad is goona be great, espcially the two weeks that Taylor's gonna be working with me. I just hope gas doesn't go up a bunch more over the's high enough as it is anyway.

Also, possibly the biggest reason that summer is going to be beyond amazing is that we're RECORDING!!!!!! I can't wait to hear how our stuff turns out from the studio once we all put our ideas and motives for the songs together and create some new music. I think I'm getting stimulated just thinking about it......mmmmm.

ok that's it.

Leave this place, go henceforth to yonder fields and frolic!

Yesterday's show

April 30 2006

Yesterday's show was interesting. We got to play all of our set and then the next band got shut down by the cops because we were too loud. Sucks huh?...that's ok...cuz chances are you weren't there anyway. We only had like 25 people show up for the show which really bites since there was a lot of effort made to pass out flyers around town.

We might  have another guitar player in the band if all goes well. It'll make things a lot easier on me if he joins and maybe I'll be able to interact with the crowd a little bit more too!

No more shows at Sportscom...apparently Andrew Frasier and some other dudes shot fireworks or something, I don't know. What I do know is that it sucks that there are no more shows there because we were going to look to see if  we could play there.

Well ok, guess that's it. Chelsey and I are good still and I'm doing pretty well...nothing to complain about. Later


Recording again!

April 19 2006

So yeah,

My band, Sound Presidential,  is going to be recording on the 28th of May. The final product is going to have six songs on it and two of them are only going to be played once, if that before we record it so a couple of these songs are brand freakin' new. Hoepfully we'll get a bigger name in Murfreesboro because of least I hope so. But I have faith that it's going to be a lot better than some people might think it will be.

Well, that's about it. Let me know what you think....or just leave a random pointless comment, I don't care.


Rocketown was great!

March 21 2006

So what if we didn't win because some metal band brought all of their posse with them and got them all to vote for their band so that they could win Battle of the Bands....

It was still cool because the judges really seemed to like us and we got to talk with one of them afterwards and he said to keep rocking and that we were going the right direction for getting signed.

The crowd liked us a lot too and cheered really loud after both of our songs so I'm definitely pleased as to how it all went.

T'was a night to remember.....

Last night's concert

March 05 2006

so last night's show was pretty cool.

I messed up some on the guitar but I guess I just wasn't myself after hearing that the venue that our band had been a regular at for quite some time now was closing down and we were playing the last show there.

I've got lots of memories from that place, good and bad. I'm gonna miss it.

I'm kinda depressed now....for many different reasons.

Sigh.................I guess life goes on.

Hope everybody reading this has an awesome week, and those who aren't as well.

Later we come!!!

February 23 2006

That's right, we audtioned well enough to get into Rocketown's battle of the bands!!!!!!! It's on the 17th of March and I'm not sure on the time it starts yet but I'll find out soon.

Anyone who wants to come see us will need a ticket so if you want one, I'll try and arrange a time and place where I can get one to you. They're $5 a piece so, like I said, if you would like one...let me know!

I'd like to end this post with something that I wrote. Enjoy!

The Heart's Request

I wish I was the boy who looked away every time you looked back at me

And be the one who told you, "you look pretty," at the age of three

When you walked in with the purple dress you wore that Easter Sunday

And you looked in my eyes with that little girl smile and said, "thank you kindly."

If only I had known

The beauty you'd become

I would've took you for my own

Right then and there

I'm gonna be the guy who's by your side under the trees

And sings you love songs til the day flies on with the evening's breeze

We'll watch the sun go down and paint the clouds a lovely shade of pink

And hop up on the car and watch the stars shoot off out of the galaxy

And if only I could say

What it is I want to say

So I could take you away

To ride on with me

I wanna be the man who sits on his land looking at the sky

With his true love there in her rocking chair passing by the time

Some people say that there's nothing to gain in this lifetime

But I'd be aware that the Lord answers prayer because He sure answered mine

So I'm 17 now...

February 22 2006

yee haw

I like birthday's but I think mine is overshadowed by St. Patricks Day, because I like that day more. I got a felt cat in the hat/ leprechaun hat last night at Target....for a dollar. Money well spent my friends, it's amazing.

I still don't know if we made it to Rocketown's battle of the bands or not...they should be telling us anytime.

I have big news though...we're recording with somebody else this summer. So we should be in the studio for at least three days, probably more because this guy's rate is a little cheaper. He's also worked with the Smashing Pumpkins which I find pretty cool. We're gonna put My Personal Reality on the new project too, just so you know.

And last but not least if any of you guys haven't heard our band yet, please check it out. If you like stuff like Relient K and Mae, then you'll like us. the site is:

Ok, I guess that's it. Have a super day!!!!

17th BABY!!!!!!!!!!

February 20 2006

that's right, I'm 17.

and this time next year....I'll be 18.

Freaky deaky baby!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow is my birthday....

February 19 2006

It's about freakin' time....

I have been waiting to be 17 for a year now, a whole year. That, my friends is a long time. Too long I think. But now it is nigh.

Being able to stay out until midnight!!!!!

Being able to drive with as many people as I want!!!!! (or as many as will fit in my tiny Corolla)

And the best of all, one more year from being a MAN!!!!! I shall be a boy no longer!!!! HA!!!!

My grandparents are coming down tomorrow so that should be fun I guess. But I believe I'll celebrate by going to see Emery and Anberlin live at Rocketown tuesday night.....yes that will do quite nicely.

Ok phusers, that's all I have to tell you.

So beat it you punks!!!!!!

We still might make it to Rocketown!!

February 17 2006

They haven't decided yet on who's made it to Rocketown so I guess we still have a shot in this thing. Battle of the Bands must be a big deal for them if they're taking so long to decide.

All I can do is hope that we made it...

I hate waiting....

If we make it, these will be for sale....big black shirts with our emblem on the bosum. I think that's how you spell that, I don't rightly know...

Ok, that's all I have.

Good news and bad news

February 16 2006

Bad news: It doesn't look like we're going to play at Battle of the Bands at Rocketown because they haven't called us back yet. I'm still really proud of the way we did though and I think that with a little more experience and some more material, people will start to take us more seriously.

Good news: We're got a show at the lovely location that is Bonhoeffer's. We'll be playing that show on March 30th with two other bands that are to be announced.

more Good news: We're getting lots of shows in March and are going to pursue getting some more at local coffee shops in which we'll play some of our songs acoustic.

more Bad news: I'm still without a girlfriend and it sucks bigtime. I know it's sad to put that on a website but there's no other bad news to speak of, and I'm really pissed that I can't find a good companion that will take my money and eventually break my heart over the guy who's pretending to be cool across the room. Ah love, how I miss thee....

Ok maggots, that's it. I'm done now

Rocketown liked us!!

February 14 2006

Yesterday, the band auditioned for a spot on this year's Battle of the Bands at Rocketown and we did really well. We're supposed to know if we're in or not by thursday and though it may come back to bite the largest part of my buttocks, I can't help but be confident.

It seemed like the judges were pretty bored with all the screamo bands that came out to audition and I can't blame them. The one that we saw wasn't horrible, but they were monotonous. The increase of popularity of such bands as Emery and Underoath has appently caused the music of many punk bands to gradually evolve into screamo. Though I like screamo, there's still something to be said for individuality and diversity.

Well, I guess that's it for me. I'll try and post whether or not we made the show once I know for sure.

Until then, check the band myspace:

God bless

Playing guitar with 50 people going crazy is nice...

November 08 2005

So my band played the best show ever on Saturday night!!!!!!

 I wish I had a girl to share it with though. I guess I shouldn't complain though, it's my fault I'm so picky. I have tons of girls who I'm great pals with, but I miss having a girlfriend.



A fender strat baby! I'm gonna get a black one pimp it out, I'm not going to say how though because I don't want anybody to copy it.

K people reading this...I'm out!

shows and such

November 01 2005

Well, the show friday went very well except for the fact that my guitar pedal went out on me and I didn't have any sound when I should have on a couple of occasions. But never fear, I ordered a new pedal tonight so that shouldn't be a problem for a very long time.

We have another show on saturday night in Shelbyville TN so that should be pretty cool and I think that we might be playing with another band. We're playing a 10-song set so it'll be longer than the one friday which was only 8, and it lasted 35 minutes. And if another band is playing then we'll be good to go!

Well kids that's all I have....God bless


We're playing a show on Friday...

October 26 2005

So we're playing a gig on friday

Salt 'n Pepper bookstore on Broad St. in Jackson Hieghts Plaza at 6:30. The show is free, so even if you're can still come!!



All righty. Until next time....

So this is my first entry....

October 24 2005

I just joined this thing and I have no idea really what it's all about...a friend told me about it so ummm...I guess if you want to check out my site, go ahead.

I play guitar in a band called Sound Presidential and we're centered in the Murfreesboro TN area and we have music on myspace and purevolume:

the purevolume site is under our old band name...just so you know.

ok I guess that's it. Later