its started...

June 19 2006

i realized that my new life has started today as i said goodbye to heather. (but she'll be back in 4 months). i'll miss her, but right now i just want to be sad for a while. Cayla turns 18 today (yay!!) . and my own birthday is a few weeks away. MTSU Customs is Fri/Sat, and i'm in a whirlwind of work, previous engagements, and little sleep. Life moves on past graduation, but yet my smile won't fade.

I shouldn't be sad for it being over, i should be glad it happened.

And i am. I'm just sad for a little while...


Michael Van Vliet

June 22 2006
Girl I know the feeling and it got me downfor a little while until my boyfriend Jacob said that he loved me and not right away either. I have been dating Jacob since the night of Graduation. and he said this to me yesterday. (June 20 2006)

Elaine Stephens

June 30 2006
don't be sad. everything is going to be alright. :)