Things I Have Done In High School

May 18 2006

Things I Have Done In High School

ü      Made new friends

ü      Kept my true friends

ü      Found a job and kept it

ü      Found my girly side, but kept the tomboy

ü      Stopped wearing shorts under every skirt

ü      Found a new talent and found a way to shine in it

ü      Straying outside the age group

ü      Stayed true to myself

ü      Maintained my grades

ü      Found a place where I belong

ü      Overcame a bitch for a teacher

ü      Loved being able to be a 1,000 different people in one

ü      Found a guy who accepts me for me

ü      Not accomplished one drama free year (YES!!)

ü      Fell in love with sarcasm

ü      Changed lunch tables every year

ü      A whopping 3 variety shows, and 3 plays

ü      Both choir and theatre

ü      Found a grandmother in one teacher and a friend in another

ü      Returned to Lascassas repeatedly

ü      Kept everything precious to me in a box(it's a big box)

ü      Lost ones I love, but I move on for them

ü      Two proms

ü      1 Military Ball

ü      Prepare myself for my best friend leaving

ü      Watch my best friend fall in love, then completely understand

ü      TAG camp every year!! YES!!

ü      Changing school rivals

ü      Making plenty of mistakes

ü      Had my heart broken

ü      Broke a few hearts

ü      First Kiss

ü      Finding out ROTC kids make a weird first impression

ü      Still not understanding why ROTC and BAND guys were always a turn on….

ü      Missing my Siegel friends

ü      Preparing for college **freaks**

ü      Collecting Freshman: Jen & Kelley (My original two), Ella, Nikki (my real freshie this year), I stole Marshall, and Will, you are practically mine, I just never told you

ü      CaMpInG out ~~>FRODO THE FISH

ü      Getting a cell phone

ü      Random midnight trips to walmart

ü      Found out Music was very important to me

ü      Headbutting Heather J

ü      Falling asleep on the phone way too many times

ü      Meeting the best foreigners EVER **Paula and Nemanja** and the cool Canadians from Nashville Star

ü      Well, duh, Nashville Star

ü      Aaron Roan is ___________<~ pick a word, Aaron

ü      Building my tolerance for scary movies

ü      Getting scared at Trent's house because the mad man with the chainsaw is going to kill us because Donald's car wont MOVE

ü      Watching my friends get married and have a baby

ü      THE best New Year's Eve Parties EVER

ü      What the heck is this thing called DDR?? lol

ü      I learned about Guitar Hero last week

ü      NO BRACES!!! YES!!

ü      Learning the insides of the hospital

ü      GOT a car

ü      Got way too addicted to my phone and text messages

ü      Watched gothic change to punk then to emo

ü      Bill Paxton, enough said

ü      Found a way to stand up to people

ü      Went on an actually school related trip OUT OF THE STATE

ü      ORLANDO kicks butt!

ü      Staying up with kiesha

ü      The Bear in the Water Park

ü      A very long talk with Gary Pounders

ü      Oh, yes, Elizabeth Hooper is a DOLL!! <3

ü      Snuck into the movies

ü      Thanks to Elaine for developing a LOTR fetish & POTC

ü      FLIP FLOPS are my life!

ü      I was the pregnant lady at Disaster Drill.

ü      Turned 16 on the beach

ü      <3 Orlando Bloom

ü      Found out rollerblades and I don't mix

ü      Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die (yeah, you all have stopped reading…J)

ü      My first concert: SCC

ü      Changing Elaine's name to CJ

ü      And RELIENT K!!! YES!!

ü      Bought Pop Tarts as a birthday present

ü      Found out the CAQ may be better off with 3 members

ü      My obsession with Wizard of Oz only got worse

ü      Began collecting shot glasses and picture frames

ü      Went to Arkansas by myself, not knowing anyone, and wishing it was never over

ü      MTSU's St. Jude's Lock In

ü      TIM & SHANNON< YES!!!

ü      All the Christmas parades!!


ü      Found out I do miss my cousins and my brother does miss me

ü      Watched my friendships change

ü      Found out my love for poetry and writing songs

ü      Introduced to Swing Club and Brito

ü      How many people am I married to?

ü      How many school fights are there gonna be?

ü      CALCULUS=Evil

ü      Rescued kittens off the side of the road

ü      The local hangout: DQ and Walmart, with a side of Guitar

ü      McDonalds with Heather and Terrell, and Spongebob

ü      Being mooned Far too many times by far too many people

ü      HOSA conventions and kicking butt

ü      Finally understood rugby

ü      Speaking in Latin where no one understands


ü      Watching Tim jump in the pool with his wallet & phone

ü      Carved my name in a tree

ü      I always have the bitchy parts in plays….

ü      Always the Right Answer….4

ü      I ran up the wall, well, I tried at least

ü      Had the coolest locker ever

ü      Tried to know just about everybody

ü      Managed to make a 0 on my term paper

ü      Uncle Dave Macon is calling me again

ü      Too many references to FGA/woods

ü      SUNDROP

ü      I was David Bowie for a day

ü      I made up a dance all by myself!! GO 6th period!

ü      Floor hockey on a very bad day **evil laugh**

ü      Found out I'm not that bad at football

ü      Student Council (all 4 years!!)

ü      Oakland's rendition of Wizard of Oz

ü      Lizzie Borden cast was the BEST EVER

ü      Finding out Early Day is Satan

ü      Latin Convention

ü      Big Booty

ü      Random trips to find birds (no "pshing")

ü      The oh-so many fights with Kyle

ü      What is this phenomenon called "wicked"?

ü      Never been to the office til this year

ü      Got detention freshman year

ü      Learned how to dance!!

ü      Yes, I was a Spice Girl.

ü      Got far too addicted the internet

ü      And finally, I have saved everything from this year and it is taped to my closet door.

I think that is enough accomplished, huh?

This is us. Watch us change.

**edit** for an interesting story, read "Counting Sheep" on my xanga.

Anthony Myers

May 18 2006
I'll miss yah em. Have a good time in college!

Randy Rodden

May 18 2006
TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long! I got about 2 thirds of the way down and then gave up....maybe I'll finish the rest later

Drew Mitchell

May 18 2006
How the crap do you know Aaron Rowand ? Thats rediculous wanna get his autograph for me ? I mean I really don't like the Phillies and everything but I'll take a major league baseball playersautograph any day. Ok Im totally kidding. When I saw Aaron Roan thats the first thing that popped into my head. Sorry.


May 18 2006
aw! i actually read all of that! hah.. what a nice list of accomplishments! & thank you!!!! youre quite a doll yourself! good luck in college.. & i'm coming to graduation! ill see you there... bye! <33/elizabeth


May 18 2006
i finished. how accomplished you are miss emmy.