April 27 2006

An AmAzInG night tonight. So much fun. So much moshing. So much music. So much im tired so im going to bed now.


Donald Allen

April 28 2006
awesome night dude!

Laura White

May 07 2006
haha i know im such a sinner.. no but i rly like them both... i will add them now lol nm how r u?

Laura White

May 08 2006
lol cool cool me 2.... so r u friends with Cody R.? ( lol i dont know how 2 spell his last name)

Laura White

May 08 2006
hahah ok thats how u spell it...yea i have seen u at school alot...

Laura White

May 08 2006
cool cool.. u sit in the cafateria in the mornings?

Laura White

May 08 2006
haha yea.. i pretty much love that ipod... but hey mp3 players r cool... not that much difference.. as long as u get tha music... yea i think om gonna slap him.. yes i will lol and u can be the witness! oh well tyl lauraaaa

Colby Reed

May 16 2006
dude stop trying to rape laura i mean damn... and dude...only a complete perv would say something like that..you poor piece of crap

Laura White

May 22 2006
haha thanks.. what can i say.. i like chalk and *stars*

Andrew ?

May 24 2006
r u going to get another xanga? Andrew


May 25 2006
what am i going to do with out you? -cry- ::+::Chelsey::+::


May 26 2006
moshing is great fun and stuff.

Andrew ?

June 14 2006
what is up? Andrew