One fun day

December 04 2005

Whats up everyone? nm here just sitten in class. dude today was the best. me and alot of ppl got to go on a field trip to opry mills to see the movies and eat there. it was so fun. when we got in the movies, we were supposed to like sit in one section, but me, thomas, and ryan got up and sneaked away to site with some chicks. lol we were like hitting on like 7th then we saw some highschoolers finally so we went to sit with them. i think our school and the other highschool was the only two highschools in there, like everyone else was little. well it was AWSOME, but i swear i think them 7th graders were following us after the movie was over. well i guess im going to go. later.


December 04 2005
hahah yeh school does suck , and yeh Sundays suck also , ha I ve tried the skipping thing, but not the whole day , just some classes, it wasnt fun , it was boring as hell so im going to agree with ya on that one haha , have fun :) haha -sarah-

Colby Reed

December 05 2005
lol, wuzup my cubin friend, HA, but seriously dude idk how to update my phusebox


December 07 2005
I added myself :)


December 11 2005
i'm avoiding homework. field trips are fun. haha you hit on 7th graders!


December 12 2005
i LIve in i gO to riverdale..and not much is up...what about you?!?

Ashley who?

December 14 2005
ahah, WHY DIDN'T YOU GOTO THE MALL? okay, shyeah, that was funny. 7th graders. aha.

Ashley who?

December 15 2005
hahaha, but ya gotta love us, cause.......well...i dot know why. worship me, bish.


December 16 2005
yeah i did HAVE one..but my parents JUSt now made me DeLETe it..uhhh but oo well i have myspace and this but soon this will be deleted... lol thanks for ReMaRking bAck..t2yl bye bye<33myriah<33


January 22 2006
i miss field trips....