A little releif

March 28 2006

As usual, James has been under quite a bit of stress lately, and blogging has been very low on the list of priorities. I have gotten about 5 non-consecutive hours of sleep combined over the past two nights in order to finish a book and a paper for my English Lit. class. Yeah fun :) But I'm alive . . . barely. The caffine is numbing my true exhaustion now, but it's rubbing off. About an hour ago I fell asleep while "working" at my on-campus job. On top of all of this school stuff I'm also working on Bleacher Bums, my first play here at MTSU. I'm only onstage for maybe a 90 seconds, but it's a start. Since I know you guys care so much, and are clammouring to get tickets it is showing April 2, 3, and 4 at 7pm in the Studio Theatre @ the BDA. Anyway I need to get back to work/sleep.



May 17 2006
Best of luck to you -- hopefully youll get more sleep in the coming weeks!