Lazy Saturday Afternoon

January 29 2006

Okay, so today was kind of nice. I watched Love Actually, ate a little Quiznos, spent some quality time with my Accounting book, hung out w/ Blake & co. and of course took pointless pictures. . .

Oh, and please pray for my computer. Umm it's kind of dead. One day about a week and a half ago it said "Hello hard drive, you've been great but it's time for you to bomb out, and erase your contents. James would really appreciate that, thanks in advance. Sincerely, Dell Inspiron 1150." I'm handling the loss well.Sometimes it so hard not having it around. But I have to be strong, in major times of grief like this. ;)



January 31 2006
A Dell...hmmm...I could use a new disc for disc golf, hehe. But on a more serious note, if you want me to look at your laptop, I will.