Do you guys remember. . .

November 17 2005

When you found out that Santa Claus wasn't real? I saw Elf for the first time last night, and like most decent movies it got me thinking. My parents were never big into the Santa Claus thing to being with, but I was kid and it was a fun story to believe. I was probably about six years old, and my parents used to hide my gifts in a closet in the garage. The closet was usually locked, but one day it wasn't and that happened to be the day I tried to open it. I found all sorts of toys still in their Toys R Us bags. I don't remember how, but my sister and I couldn't keep the lid on our find until Christmas and the parents found out. During this time I also ruined the Christmas fantasy for the kids across the street, and told them that Santa wasn't real. My parent's weren't so happy about that! Those were the days. . .



November 17 2005
what do you mean?!?? Santa's real!


November 17 2005
what do you mean he's not real??...i saw him at the mall last year!!