November 10 2005

Ahh, Norah Jones is pretty much the perfect way to wind down after an eventful day like today. Spontaneity might be what's missing for me this week, and I got a good share of it today. After another invigorating accounting session, I go to my stats class which is meeting in the Business Lab today . . . or so I thought! Turns out that there was a scheduling conflict, and basically class was just going to be used for  people to finish the marathon test we had on Tuesday. Since I finished my test on Tuesday this meant no class! Coupled with my scholarship service assignment being cancelled, the day was looking up. There were a lot of other little things that happened to mix up my Thursday routine, but I also had one of my smellier brain farts this semester. For months now I've known that Leslie, Sean McConnell, and Ryan Horne would be playing Bonhoeffer's on Nov. 10, and today I didn't even think about it until I was walking back from my J-Group and saw a ton of cars outside of Bonhoeffer's. It was like a bad mini-epiphany of some sort. Everything began to make sense all at once, and I realized my grievous wrong. Oh well, one more thing that I didn't expect today.