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im sorry...

April 19 2006
im sorry. this is to all of my friends that i have treated like crap the past few days.  i have a lot of things going through my head right now and i have been a real jerk and not even thought how i might be treating the people around me.  idk im just so confused and crushed right now.  i just have not seen God ne where in my life at all lately. i know that sounds really bad but im sorry that is how i really feel.  if you all didnt know thats why i havnt been at church n a long time.  i dont think i need to be there when my mind isnt going to be on him. it would be on everything going on. like i said i am very sorry if i have hurt you. if you dont know why, then ask me and ill try to explain it you all deserve to know. but ill see all of yall later -forrest  


April 19 2006
dude sry to hear that u r in a rut at the moment, in time u will see a way out.

Marrissa Odom

April 20 2006
i lub u forrest! SMILE!!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL DAY, WEEKEND!!!!! everything will be ok.... if you need anything, ill be here for yah!!!! -RISSA

Chelsea Turner

April 22 2006
hey i know your going through alot right now and i know exactly how it feels...ive been there. and its alot for you to have on your mind...and honestly its hard to stay happy and cheerful when somthing like this happens..but your doing a pretty good praying for you...and you know im here for you! so try to stay strong and with time everything will be okay.

kaitlin gay

May 12 2006
i love you, my friend. even though we throw bananas at each other.... =)


May 31 2006
dude, u don't need 2 apologize... ur going thru some tough stuff, and to heck with anyone who doesn't understand that... those who understand will kno that ur just going thru a rough patch... k


June 04 2006
hey buddy, i had fun tonight lol poodle hahaha lol catch ya later


June 26 2006
hey, brah, made any changes 2 ur pony? 'cuz i got a surprise 4 u...

Chelsea Turner

June 28 2006
I LOVE FORREST!!! ha but hey dont you think it might be time for an update?? just wondering...=)