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im sorry...

April 19 2006
im sorry. this is to all of my friends that i have treated like crap the past few days.  i have a lot of things going through my head right now and i have been a real jerk and not even thought how i might be treating the people around me.  idk im just so confused and crushed right now.  i just have not seen God ne where in my life at all lately. i know that sounds really bad but im sorry that is how i really feel.  if you all didnt know thats why i havnt been at church n a long time.  i dont think i need to be there when my mind isnt going to be on him. it would be on everything going on. like i said i am very sorry if i have hurt you. if you dont know why, then ask me and ill try to explain it you all deserve to know. but ill see all of yall later -forrest  


March 09 2006

You Are: David Ortiz

You are "Mr. Clutch". You are content to wait on the bench until your turn at bat. You don't make too much noise until the game is on the line. You aren't too flashy or the loudest in the crowd, but whenever the Sox need you, you deliver. Big Papi.

i am ashamed...

February 27 2006

well we had bible study tonight. and it was a rude awakening for me at least. this weekend was one weekend for my church. and people said some stuff that really hit me hard about the way we treat other people. this weekend i dont really think i treated some people very well and i am extremely ashamed of myself for that. ya know i dont consider myself the type of person someone would want to look up to, but tonight someone said that people do look up to me, i dont know y, but then they also said that i really let people down in the way i acted that just really tore me up inside. i was completely broken. but im not going to dwell on something that is done and in the past. im going to look foward and learn from this mistake. and most importantly follow GOD. believe it or not HE really showed me some things this weekend, HE really moved in my life and i am so thankful for that.

Live by faith, through the spirit. and dont forget Hebrew 12:2.

a wise friend said we should all read that verse. well ill talk to yall later IN CHRIST- forrest

i wish i couldnt care...

February 26 2006

well i had an awesome weekend this weekend. but then i got home and i had to do something that i really didnt want to. some of u know wat it is.  but ne way.. it really sucked having to do it.  i hate making people feel bad. i dont know, if i didnt hav feelings then i wouldnt feel bad. and it sucks cause i do care.

its just the fact that i hear that wat i feel and think matters and i really dont think that it does. maybe im just stupid i dont know. but until someone can prove me wrong then that is wat im going to think. it just sucks.

"The hardest part of holding on is letting go."

February 01 2006

well life lately has been a series of ups and downs... i hav come to realize that the only one person who actually cares how u feel is GOD. i hav gone to church a lot lately and i cant truthfully say that god is the only reason i was going... but now he will be. we hav hit bible study really hard lately and i hav realized a lot of stuff about myself. the best way to say it is the title of this entry. The hardest part of holding on truly is letting go.. me and ben (6 ft 5) both agree about that. we r both going through similar things right now so we know how it is. i hav been praying hard on the feelings i hav for this one person. i hav asked god to take them away if they rnt meant to be. idk if he heard it or not  though cause it keeps seeming like they rnt from him, but they rnt gone yet. so HE must hav a reason for them being there i just wish he would let me know wat his reasoning is... but i truly thank god for the amazing group of friends that i have... they r awesome. idk wat i would do without them. man this was a long one.. i hav to go. hav an amazing rest of the week. GOD BLESS-forrest

Its just not fair

January 04 2006
i hav been thinking about this a lot lately. and i hav realized that i really like someone. but that fact that it cant happen just makes me like them even more. someone please tell me u know how that feels.....

From bad to good.....

January 01 2006
well this christmas break has had its ups and downs. i had surgery the first day of break so i was layed up for a few days. but some of my friends came over and kept me company. then the second week of break turned out to be pretty sucky for a while. me and a friend were in a fight i ges u could say. but then yesterday morning i called them up and went to their house and we got it all worked out. so now the last few days of break are going to be pretty good. wow this is the longest entry i hav written so far lol. ill talk to yall later-forrest


October 16 2005
everything is getting a little better. i hav a group of the best friends in the world. and i hav god to worship. so i mean really how bad could things be? well i ges thats about it. ill see yall later-forrest

im not sure anymore...

October 11 2005
i need to saysomething and get it out there.

lately i... hav felt like wat i do is never good enough. it just seems like there is always someone standing there ready to knock me down again. please dont feel like i want sympathy this isnt y im doing this. i know this isnt true but it seems that everywhere i go i feel very unwanted. i feel like im not meant to be anywhere. and i dont know y this is. i know i hav friends and family who care about me but i ges that my stubberness is getting to me. idk? all i know is that it sucks to feel this way. i feel like too many people are asking to much of me. i try to put on a good face around other people because... i ges i hate people seeing me like this. me being depressed or wat ever makes the people that im around depressed because i rub off on them. and i hate seeing people like that. im just really confused right now. so if u could just pray for me so that everything works out like god wants it to. and if u could leave me some advice or hints if u will to y i feel like this -forrest


October 07 2005
everything is a lot better. that problem i had is a lot better now. and i hav a group of the bestestest friends anyone could ever ask for. well baseball is over until spring. and now ill hav a little more free time. lol thankfully. well thats about it. leave me some later-forrest

all i hav to say is revenge is so sweet. HECK YES!!!


September 24 2005
y does life hav to hav so much bull crap? it sucks. wow im pissed.

life i ges

September 22 2005
well hey guys, i think im getting the hng of this thing. i just dont know how to change the background and add music yet. ill figure it out though. well everythings good i ges. school is ok. baseball is going good. there is one girl that i just met and i am really wanting to get to know better. so maybe that will happen. but who knows. well thats it i ges. leave me some. later-forrest

Photo From what?im6ft5?

September 18 2005

photo from what?im6ft5?

photo from ErikaGtn

how come lately i hav felt so empty inside? it doesnt feel good at all.

i have no idea

September 18 2005
well just started this thing. im not exactly sure how to use it yet. but ill figure it out sometime. well leave me some. later