I Miss My Dogs

June 11 2007

Okay well i seriously miss my dogs they have been gone ever since thursday and the last time i got to see them was a week ago from today.... i am crying now.... and worrying about how i am going to manange with out them... and somethings are going on in my family.... okay well anyways i will go....






April 21 2007

hey everyone... i am really bored.... but in pain... bcuz i went ice skating today with some girls of the youth group.... and my feet are sooo sore.... but emma, katy, ariana, and i did have a moment of the day... these mexicans were checking us out... it was very scary... ok well ne ways... as of right now.... i dont think i like ne body.... so i am a free woman. i am excited and scared at the same time... about tomorrow... it will be scary....but fun at the same time... ok well i love alll of yall that i noe.... so i willl tlk to you later... message me or remark me... or check out my myspace.


i need help

April 17 2007

okay everyone... i need a tincy bit of help from all of yall.... ok hypothetically speaking....what if.... you like a guy and you tell them that you like them.... but you do not know if  they like you back??? ok well NE ways please help me by messaging me or remarking me!!! thanks bye

luv ya Emily


April 02 2007


March 31 2007

Okay well i am superdooper... bored.... okay well... sup????
I am so EXCITED to see the trilogy tomorrow... welll.... i went shopping today... and it was amazing... i saw two of my best friends there... and we shopped together a little... and then i got the CUTEST bermuda shorts... and capris... and this adorable shirt... at goody's and they were all 50% off... i was soooo happy.... not that i had to pay... but i could get alot more bcuz they were cheaper... anyways... i love you alll!!!! I WILL TALK TO YOU LATER....




March 23 2007

okay pplz.... so i had bekah spend the night last night after trilogy practice and i had spent the night with her wednesday... ashlea was there too... and so was rebecca jensen... okay well anyways... we all had alot of fun bcuz we stayed up until like 2 a.m in the mornin.... and we were giving each other pedicures.... well last night i was up most of the night... then me and bekah went on a bike ride... and now she is playing playstation and i am on the computer.... okay well i suppose i will go.... i hope to see you guys (and girls) later.

p.s. please comment and message me bcuz i have not gotten a comment or message in a little while on this thingy... and i am getting sad.... jk.... okay well tootles...

love ya



March 17 2007

Suppp???? peoples.... okay well i am really bored due to......well...... being really bored.... well my sister and i slept upstairs in the bonus room last night... we were supposed to be staying up all night.... but.....krista stayed up till 2 watching lion king 1 and 1/2 and Finding Nemo and some other stuff..... and i....welll..... i fell asleep in the middle of lion king 1 and 1/2.

krista kept saying "Emily dont fall asleep" and i would say "i'm Not"..... but i guess i did.....

Well The trilogy is going to be starting soon... i am so EXCITED!!....even though i am not in it.... but this time will be the 2nd time 3rd time i have watched it.... and almost 3 years since we started coming to the church.... okay well i will see ya later.....

please comment me or message me or both....  i love you all and i will see you tommorrow!!!.


February 20 2007

sup???? well i am watching american idol right now and i am like super dooper bored!!! i cant wait till church tommorrow night.... yesterday i went to the mall and got some really cute dress pants and a really cute t-shirt...... the t-shirt was only like $4 and my dress pants were only $7 and i got them at khols... it was awesome!!!! and we went to the mall..... okie dokie well i was sooooo hyper and i had a crazy day at school 2-day.... this guy was apparently going to ask me out and everyone knew in the mini shcool except for me and so my friend comes up to me and asked me if i said yes and i thought she was talking about a conversation that we had friday... so i said yes ...she she told this other girl that we were going out... so i had to run down the hallway and tell this kid and my friend was mistaken and we were NOT going out.... and that i didnt like AT ALL!!!! but i had a good reason... he might have been cute.... but he was extremely rude... and always talking about "STUFF" okie dokie well now that you know my story about today i guess i will go.....




February 10 2007

Hey everybody i just got back from the RJH Retreat it was pretty fun... i stood outside waiting for the G-Force Simulator and Space Shot but it turns out they were closed today and there was no kind of sign or anything to indicate that it was closed.... okie dokie well i love you all!!!! I am on my new computer it is AWESOME!!!! well see everyone tommorrrowwww hopefully.....




January 22 2007

heya i just got my braces tightened and they stuck me on a nother set of Rubber Bands for my mouth and stuff..... and my ortho said that i might get them off next time... maybe.... just maybe.... okay well thanks for listening..... I love you all and i will see you Wednesday at church....i think..... or will i....?????.... okay i need to stop this i am freaking myself out.....i catagorize this behavior as EXTRODANAROLY HYPER!!!!!!!!.... i think that is how you spell it....well it is almost time for dinner and my mommy made like a Home Made Red Velvet Cake so it will be GOOOOOOD..... As most of you know Krista and i Are doing a Duet "Small Ensomble" For Fine Arts..... See ya wednesday!!! Love ya


December 29 2006

Hey everyone i am sooooo sorry i have not blogged in such a long time.... my mom would not let me get on the computer and i guess i have been really busy. As most of you know Bekah Lewis came over to my house after the wednesday night thingy and we saw charolettes web... it was soooo sweet.... i cried when charolette died. i got this really fun game for playstation 2 for christmas it is called thrillville

i also got some jewlery and money and lotions and stuff like that..... and the best thing that i got  was a 4gb PINK IPOD NANO!!! it is Awesome but i cant download music onto it because... somehow we got a virus on our computer to where now allof our stuff has to be deleted so i have to wait for my dad to fix it... well  i will see yall sunday love ya bye



December 10 2006

Hey everyone i cant talk long because we are going to church but i thought i would say hi 

Sincerely Emily


November 23 2006

THANKSGIVING...isn't it just AWESOME????!!!

Well i cant tlk very long because my grandparents are here and i am going to have to go back down stairs in a little while and help my mom finish cooking lunch..... We have like a 13 pound turkey and my grandpa braught a HUGE SMOKED HAM.... IT SMELLS AND LOOKS REALLLLLLLLLLLY GOOOD! of course we are having the other stuff that is origanal for our family on a Thanksgiving Lunch...... Homade Mashed Potatoes, this like Sweet Potatoe Cassarole, French Cut Green Beans, Both a Chocolate PIE AND 2 Pumpkin Pies ( one was made with REALLY healthy stuff because my Grandpa has Diabieties) We are also having rolls and stuff.....the list could go on forever. We bought Ice AGE 2 the MELTDOWN so we were watching that earlier..... i guess i better go but i will probably tell you more later..... k BYEE!!!!




November 09 2006

Hey Everyone i am going to be going to bed soon but whateva.... sry i have not been on here in a while i have been really bizy wit school and everything..... I am so happy because My MOMMY IS COMING HOME TOMORROOWWW!!!!! YAYAY!!!

Okay well i gues i will talk to you later

LuV YA'S Bye



October 28 2006

Hey Everyone,

the judgement was so Awesome last night 23 people got saved...Everyone did such a good job last night, so keep up the great work!!! I think tonight will be a busy night.... well i guess i better go but..... i will see yall tonight luv ya!!!


October 21 2006

Hey Everyone,

I am really bored right now.... i think i am going to Walmart soon.

Well i dont really have anything to tlk about so i guess i will see all of yall later...... Brantley and Ariana i hope you get better..... I MISS YOU!!!


October 14 2006

Hey Everyone,

if you didnt know last night was the movie night at the peirces house... we watched Fantastic four and the little shop of horrors.

It was so much fun.... we laughed most of the movie....

Well i am really bored and i might be having my best friend spend the night so maybe yall will get to meet her tomorrow...
She came to the cookout at mrs. Jeana's house....

Well i guess i will go.... remark me.... please



October 10 2006

Hey Everyone,

I am like really bored, and my teeth hurt because i just got my braces tightened yesterday( my orthodontist said he was going to make me look like a pumpkin... I think it worked). school was the same as it usually is .... a.k.a boring!!!
okay well i guess i better go... i had written this really long blog before dinner and then it like erased it.... it was very sad( TEAR)   anyways



Please either comment me or message me or call me !


September 30 2006

Hey Everyone,

I am sooooo........ bored!!! If you read this message before tommorrow and you are interested in buying a magazine or book or CD ( fundraiser for my school) then please come tlk to me i will have the thing with me tommorrow trying to sell studd ( DONT BUY IT FROM BRAD!!!)

Well See YA



September 09 2006

hey everyone i am at the dunbars and i just wanted to say hi... i will see everyone on sunday unless you are not gonna be there.

Please comment me! or message me... bye



August 21 2006

Hey everyone... i am sorry i havent bloged in a while i wahve been kind of busy with school and everything.

Last Saturday i went to the wilson county fair and there was one ride it looked completely harmless but it wasnt

I almost got sick on it and then i got stuck at the very top of the giant ferris wheel.....

Okay well please remark me or send me a message or both

Love ya bunches.... Emily O.


August 09 2006

Hi everyone.

I am extremely bored... gd thing is i go get a new flute today... i always hated the other one! LOL!

well as most of you know i got back from texas yesterday.

it was soooooooo........ hot. and i went to the rodeo!  YAY! 
at the rodeo this bull almost attacked me. i was so scared. LOL

well i am excited about church tonight.
i start school tomorrow ...... (poor me)

oh and for the people in relentless jh do you know whose fusion group i am in well please remark me!


P.S. see ya tonight


July 24 2006


I am going to be gone to Texas for 2 weeks starting tomorrow! So...Please say hi to everyone for me when i am gone! and for those of you that are going to Orlando for Fine Arts...I hope you do good and have fun!

Love ya please remark me about this blog and also about my last one!

LoVe Ya,



July 23 2006


i just got back from atlanta yesterday! it was completely awesome i loved it! we spent 12hrs. at SIX FLAGS!

There were a couple problems yesterday though!...anyways i like this guy and he liked this other girl and she doesn't like him...i am not going to go into detail with who it is and all but i am wondering what to do...if i should tell him that i like him and hope he likes me back...or keep it to myself and until he finds out???????? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

please leave me a remark or message me or something


July 18 2006


i am really bored i am supposed to get my hair cut tommorrow and my head hurts and my tummy hurt really bad! well anyways antlanta is going to be soooooooo kwl! well i will see yall tommorrow night


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