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July 11, 2007

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So today a friend of mine and I decided that the only way we would get
motivated enough to work out is to work out with a buddy (maybe that's
just me, but you can't deny that a spotter makes things a lot easier),
and we also came to the conclusion that with our schedules, the best
time to do this would be at 6:30 am at the rec center at MTSU.  We
would shower afterward and head straight for our 8 o clock classes
(that's what I get for signing up late....nevermore).  So we've decided
to start the first day of school and that happens next Tuesday. 
So.....somehow between now and Tuesday, I need to become a morning
person.  I have a feeling day time naps will save me from narcolepsy. 
Anyways....I'm still excited about this.  Waking up early takes
self-discipline which will come in handy in a lot more areas in my
life.  Plus when you get to working out, it actually wakes you up and
gets the blood flowin.  We'll see how it goes.  Wish me luck.....
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So I got a new recording program set up, and I thought that that would fix the problems I've been having with sort of a delay in the recording.  I will play the next track along with the other recorded track, but it seems as though the computer takes too long to send through the signal, and it gets frustrating when recording.  Does this mean my computer is slow or does anyone know of a way I can fix it?  I've heard of others having problems with this also.
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I love the feeling of getting things done.  I was worried about signing up for classes today, and I had a couple of other things I wanted to do.  It was actually fun going and accomplishing them.  I.....

Got up and ran (I've tried to get up for it and will hopefully keep it going)
Took care of a hold I had on my school account (a paper I needed)
Seeing an advisor about the classes I needed to take
Declaring a music minor
Working on my room, and straightening it up

All in all I feel really accomplished.  Tomorrow I plan on

Finishing up my room
Signing up for classes
Hanging some posters up in my room
Finishing a song I've been working on.

I think I like this whole accomplishing small goals thing.  Anyone else agree?

P.S.  The office folk at MTSU are a lot nicer than I originally thought.  I had no problems with them today.  Woo hoo!
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Besides anything musical, what is something else you could see me doing with the rest of my life?  For instance, could you see me being a lawyer, an accountant, etc.....and why?
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Alright.  Someone asked me so I thought this was interesting.  If you were told that you had one year left to live, and you loved someone and they loved you and you were in a relationship.  Would you marry that person? Everyone wants to get married before they die right? 
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