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July 11, 2007

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Long Time No Post

Well.  It\'s been a while since I\'ve updated last so I thought that I would let you guys know what\'s going on.  I have been doing well recently.  I am getting good grades in college mostly B\'s but I am grabbing some A\'s too (don\'t know if that sounded right).  I think that I am gonna audition for the music program at Lee for this next semester, and hopefully, I\'ll get in.  I don\'t know what they are expecting but I think that I\'ll do fine (I\'ve heard some of the other people that they\'ve accepted......I\'ll do fine).  But now I need to select my work load for next semester and I\'ll take a while to think this one through.  Please pray for me cuz that\'s a pretty big deal.  That\'s about it!  Leave me some remarks!

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Woo hoo!  I\'ll be heading home tomorrow right after my 9:00 to 10:00 am class.  I would skip it but we have a mid term in it.  How gay is that?  Well I can\'t wait to see everyone.  I\'m excited to see how Relentless Youth Ministries is turning out and how the praise team is doing.  It should be fun to see you guys again.  Peace.

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Yearning To Lead Again

Man. It\'s been so long since I\'ve lead praise and worship. I feel like I\'m having withdrawals. I dunno. I\'m coming home the nineteenth and Jonathan and I were hoping that we could lead for the youth group but that\'s a long shot. We\'d have to clear it with Gus and Kenny, and it would just feel like we\'re stepping in on Paul. We\'ll just have to see. I miss all of you guys. Peace out.
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Master Procrastinator

Guys you are looking at a master procrastinator. I have a rough draft due tomorrow for a conference with a teacher to see what i could improve on. I have the notes, bibliography, and outline, but i don\'t have the actual paper started. That\'s what my day will most likely consist of today. If you wanted to know, the paper\'s about \"How Music Affects One\'s Mood.\" I\'d better get started on that sucker.

Question for ya though: If you were to write a paper about three cool things Russell has done, what would your three main points be (you don\'t have to actually write the paper.......unless you want to)? Leave me some comments. I love you guys! Be good.
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Best Weekend Ever

Well guys. I just had an amazing weekend. I went and surprised Steph there at Samford and we had an amazing time. We didn\'t necessarily have a huge plan for the weekend. We just hung out (sometimes that makes for the best date; just sitting and talking and looking each other in the eye). We did go to this awesome restaurant called Davenport\'s and ate some good pizza. The next day my car battery was dead (I had to sleep there cuz guys aren\'t allowed in the girl\'s dorms-go figure- so I had my fan on in there for too long). Steph pulled through though and pulled her car up next to mine, we used my jumper cables, and started the car. I felt so manly just cuz I\'ve never used jumper cables before. Anyway, I didn\'t wanna leave but now that I\'m back, Adam and Thorne (guys from my dorm)and I are gonna watch Night At the Roxbury. It rocks. Well, let me know what you think or just leave me a comment. Peace.
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