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July 08, 2006

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i love being myself!!
nuff said


alternative, pop-rock, urban, and etc.


one of the best movies is out cold. it is the funniest movie yet! (well to me it is) lol


i love books with alot of drama and also sad and scary books...

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             hey yall!! today went pretty good besides the fact that i was tired all day!! oh and the fact that everyone was hatin on me in 5th period today!! lol i hate seein people sad or upset.. now i know how people felt, they always hated seein me upset. well i am gonna make people feel good about themselves when they are down. im gonna start bein a happy person and not so....morbid?? lol but i love every single one of yall so just remember that!! have a great day!! much love!!


oh.. look at this picture one of my best friends drew me!! isnt it pretty?!


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       hey everyone!!

     well pretty sure this is the first time i have ever done this so bare with me!! lol but yeah maribeth got me into this cause she is always lookin at hers at school so i thought i might do one!! well anyway hope everyone has a GREAT week!! i love yall!!

                     <3 katie

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