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July 08, 2006

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i love being myself!!
nuff said


alternative, pop-rock, urban, and etc.


one of the best movies is out cold. it is the funniest movie yet! (well to me it is) lol


i love books with alot of drama and also sad and scary books...

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     hey everyone!! well pretty sure life is okay for right now!! ive just been stressin over a bunch of things and i just need to get away from everything!! im thinkin about goin up to knoxville to see a friend of mine!! i left this entry on my xanga and she really made me realize alot of things!! oh and i am also changing! i just want to be the old katie everyone knows me as!! not the one that would smoke pot and go to parties and get messed up!! im changing everything about myself and i hope everyone will accept me for it!! and for all those guys out there who only talked to me b/c i would do all those bad things, f*** yall!! im happy with myself right now and no one can bring me down!! and im wanting to find another group of friends who would deff. keep me away from all that crap and just have fun in each others presence!! but just remember that im cleaning myself up and i want to do the right things not wrong. and i am really tired of hanging out with the wrong guys. for some odd reason its always the bad guys that go for me, never the good!! thats all i ask for is a really good guy to come into my life and not expect the things most guys would!! im really tired of that!! well i hope everyone has a swell week!! i love yall!!


November 07, 2005
Garrett Haynes said

hey katie! well if ur lookin for a new group of friends, you should definately hang out with us! we are by far the coolest group of friends u will find that will not do all that crap but really knows how to have fun. We should really hang out sometime. See u at school!
November 08, 2005
Maribeth Taglio said

KATIE!!!!!!!! i love youtooo much!!! you know that you can hang out w/ me and my friends any time that you want too!!! you are always welcome!! =) he! but i love you. *mb
November 10, 2005

Yay for not doing drugs.!
November 12, 2005

why am i crazy? anyway, my attempts to get a ticket were foiled by the fact that cops simply don't show up when u need them. oh, well. at least there's no ticket to pay...

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