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July 08, 2006

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i love being myself!!
nuff said


alternative, pop-rock, urban, and etc.


one of the best movies is out cold. it is the funniest movie yet! (well to me it is) lol


i love books with alot of drama and also sad and scary books...

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hey guys!! well last night went to shanes house to watch some movies with tray, chase, rob, ryan, jermey, julie, and shane. it was pretty fun!! all of us would have like serious talks and then rob would jump in with something sooo funny! gah he is like hilarious!! but anyways as we were startin house of wax shanes dad came up there and was like do yall want any pizza?? everyone was like \"naw were good\" but what does he do?? thirty minutes later he come back up there with 4 small pizzas. lol we were like we told u we didnt want any but he said that he knew we wanted some we just wernt sayin anything! well anyways that movie was like very bloody and gross, yea it was crazy!! then when that movie was over we put in the amityville horrer!! well we didnt get to watch all of it b/c 1. julie was leavin and 2. all the guys wanted to see how much they could bench or whatever u guys call it! it was sooo funny but i didnt realize how strong they were lol! but see these boys either play baseball or wrestle so yea u know what i mean. but i had alot of fun last night well i hope everyone has a great sunday!! lol
November 20, 2005
Olivia ~AKA Liv~ said

hey girl...well we didnt do anything this weekand but if we do anything this week ill give u a call! much love ~* Big O *~
November 24, 2005
Marrissa Odom said

haha polson! great times! hope you had a good thanksgiving! see you monday! blah!!!
November 24, 2005
Maribeth Taglio said

i love u too much! you are the best sweety! i'm so glad that we have 2 classes together this year! =) LOVE YOU! *mb
November 24, 2005
Shelby said

thanks!! YOu have an awsome thanksgiving too!!
November 27, 2005

i am so glad to here you are doing great well .......thats all for now bye!

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