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March 01, 2012

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joy tends to hold you with the fear that it eventually departs.

i miss this weekend.

because it was pretty great.
and monday's got me down.
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the seasons change with indifference.

t's only the first day of summer.
& i've decided to rearrange & alter my summer mix.
not so much "summer mix: vol. 2" as " summer [re]mix".
some things will stay the same, but much will change.
as in life.

i brought in the new season with all things summer-y.
sundresses, lemonade, & frolicking in green fields.
well, not so much frolicking.
but i blew bubbles. that's 10 times better.

[p.s. & the whole "blog it: photos thing" never works for me, so if you want to see the 3 pictures i uploaded you'll have to go to my photos]
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i think i need a new heart.

i heard that the movie theater hires everybody.
so i applied.
[two weeks later, i haven't heard a word]

apparently, i am nobody.

[it's okay, i'd rather not.]
i would like to live this summer.
i have the rest of my life to work.

oh, joy.
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summermix oh!six.

i had a fun weekend, camping with kellye&nick and kayla.
i swam at the base of a waterfall and played with fire.

but now i'm home, tired and lonely

it's not even technically summer,
but i've made a summer mix.
[after much elimination contemplation,
i managed to fit it on one disc]
and collaged it's cover
[though i know nothing of summer love or kissing in the grass]:

1] "Summer in the City" -The Lovin' Spoonful
2] "Girl" -Beck
3] "Loose Leaves" -Bright Eyes
4] "Crabbuckit"- k-os
5] "Nights Of The Living Dead" -tilly & the wall
6] "Let Me Tell You About My Boat" -Mark Mothersbaugh
7] "a summer wasting" -belle & sebastian
8] "Kissing In The Grass" -Of Montreal
9] "june on the west coast" -Bright Eyes
10]"Photobooth"- Death Cab for Cutie
11]"Summer Lies"- The Magnetic Fields
12]"Up"-The Lucksmiths
13]"Long Distance Drunk"- modest mouse
14]"Summerbaby"- Polaris
15]"my slumbering heart"- Rilo Kiley
16]"Under The Rotunda" -The Lucksmiths
17]"100,000 Fireflies" -The Magnetic Fields
18]"California 2005 (Acoustic Version)"- Phantom Planet
19]"Your Legs Grow"- Nada Surf
20]"The Way That He Sings"- My Morning Jacket
21]"1979"- Smasing Pumpkins

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i'm done with high school forever!


"...but i remember counting down the days until the year could be done, so i could scatter all my notebooks on the prep school lawn and disappear again into a summer's bliss of staying out and sleeping in & getting drunk with my friends..."

[from "loose leaves" by bright eyes]

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