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July 14, 2007

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minnesota how i love thee

i leave for minnesota in 4 days.  that means 3 weeks of boating, fishing, hanging with my dad, making sure teresa joins band, burning things, listening to loons, camping, and trying to kill flying, blood sucking things bigger than birds.  if minnesota werent up north, i would live there for the rest of my life.  i just cant have kids with little yankee accents.  i would die.  forget disney land.  minnesota is the happiest place on earth.
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the name game

rogan.  isnt that an amazing name?  thats what im naming my first child.  its gonna be so kewl.

i also named my car today.  his name is paco!

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im so good

man i can drive my car like nobody's business.  ok... so im not that good.  but i am very proud of myself.  i drove to & from lavergne yesterday & didnt stall out, not even once... i sound like a kid who just got their permit.  oh well.
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uh huuuuuh

i hate when people have problems & i totally cant relate.  i just dont know what to do, because i want to help, but i cant.

learning to drive a stick is fun.  never do it alone.  its fun to have someone to laugh at you.

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milly got head drum major

so go tell her how amazing she is... now!

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