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July 14, 2007

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...ugg the real world

kayaking.  stick clearing. making fires.  tubing.  playing scrabble & cards.  stone & sidewalk sealing.  frying fish.  watching all sorts of wildlife.  looking at the stars.  geocaching.  fishing.  thats what ive been doing here lately... i could so do this forever.  but unfortunately i cant.  i have to do that whole college thing.

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land o lakes & i dont mean the butter

so today was wonderful... we went boating this morning on a new lake & fishing this afternoon on another new lake. i mean there are over 10,000 lakes why go tot he same ones over & over.  we caught like 20 bass & about that many bluegill... sweet.  & then we came home & made a fire & smores again.  then me, milly, heather, & teresa sat around the fire for like an hour & sang.  it made me smile a whole bunch. 

ok so my minnesota posts probly bore you.  but i dont care.

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its just marvelous

so im in minnesota & i love this place.  weve boated & fished & made smores!  its so beautiful.

"some people walk in the rain... others just get wet." - Roger Miller

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internet: friend or foe?

i love internet convos.  theyre just so fun.  you get to talk to people you dont normally talk to about stuff you wouldnt normally talk about face to face.  i strongly believe that the internet has hurt our generation's ability to interact face to face.  but hey i still like it & its a little late to undo the damage.
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im goin to dads on saturday.  ill only be there for three weeks this year.  its kinda sad, but im kinda glad too.  ill actually get to see people my age.  but i also wont get to see my little sisters & my dad & elle as much....but oh well.  this is why divorce bites.
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