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July 14, 2007

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change of command

so padre's change of command was today.  pretty spiffy stuff really.  i just think military ceremony is neat... even if my dad hates it.  but i got to stand in line & shake hands with like 100 people i dont know & will probly never see again.  pops, nana, aunt cindy & uncle jimmy came down from mississippi to surprise him at his ceremony, it was really nice.

but my grandparents have given upon me becoming a dentist & at least stopped harping on me about how i will never make a living teaching band... whatever.  they arent the only people who dont support me in that, but i just dont care.  for once im gonna do what i want to do.

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i have to leave minnesota tomorrow morning *cries*. 

but that means ill be back in the boro really soon.  next monday at 1:35 to be exact.


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so i guess im a nerd... does band nerd count?  but im more getto than preppy.  its cause i went to oakland i guess.

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...that sleep things just isnt working for me

so its 2 am & i dont have the desire or ability to go to sleep.  its bad when i dont sleep.  i brood & worry when i cant sleep.  & that is not much fun.
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im only 5'2"

so ive had a really good time up here & i dont want to leave.  ive learned new things, like how to filet a fish, for example.  how many of you can filet a fish?  not many i bet.  ive also discovered that my 11 year old sister is half an inch shorter than me.  ok so im short, but im 7 years older & thats just not right.  it kind of crushed my spirits for about 5 minutes.  but yeah.  i cant wait to get back & see my friends tho.  i miss y'all like mad. 

much love to all.

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