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July 14, 2007

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ahhh! its a storm

so what did i do today?  well my crazy plan got rained out * cries*  but well see about tomorrow *snicker*  & i watched about 4 hours of the weather channel for fun & enjoyment & then narnia.  tomorrow's saturday.... i hope ross's ( he lives in gallatin) house is ok * says a little prayer.*
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yay! its friday!

yay! tomorro's friday!  its been a wierd week, glad its over.  one week closer to graduation.  22 days amigos.  i have divised a clever plan for tomorro.  but i cant tell you its very secret & who knows it might directly effect you *grins*.

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so i sit here on my last day of break & what am i doing?  sitting back & sipping a cold (non-alcoholic) beverage while listening to my favorite band?  wrong.  im working madly on the last 2 of 10 chapters of ap bio work. insane.  no other teachers gave work.  bo did because she just realized that we have less than a month to do 10 labs & 2/3 of a years worth of biology because she didnt teach the first semester. so yeah.  i needed a rant break.  done now.

spring break is over.  now the real countodown begins.  27 days of school until graduation. that may possibly be the longest 27 days of my life. 

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preds game

went to the preds game with the youth group.  it wound up being me, milly, robin g & a bunch of middle schoolers lol.  not that i dont love my middle schoolers, but it was just funny.  the game was fun. the preds won.  but the trip to & from was so much fun.  we reminisced about the old days.  world changers & things such as.  i also go tht scoop on what happened at arlington, i wish i had gone.  new york will always be there, but i wont be able to go to arlington with those kids ever... *sigh*
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Untitled marrying james darcy.  step back elizabeth bennet.
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