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March 01, 2008

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poetry, the Bible, blue like jazz, the bride wore white, Streams in the Desert, Pride and Prejudice, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A Lesson Before Dying

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the joy of the lord is your strength. -neh 8:10

that has been so true for me these past couple days..

God has really shown up in my life and has seemed to be in everything from a friends words to the sunset.

i dont want to whine, but my Junior year thus far is incredibly packed with responsibility, and tooons of if you think about me ..pray!

i think this year is going to be really good but its going to be hard!

i love all of you so much and im praying for you!
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water leaks, relatives, and a tea party.

so i come home yesterday from work at about 6 30 and im DEAD been workin since 8 anyways..i come and hit my bed and in about .56899 of a sec my mom bursts in telling me that my grandparents are coming and that i have to help her clean the house..

so i clean till about 9 ish then i ate some leftover stuff and just as i was about to fall into that wonderful magical glorious bed thing.... my dad calls me outside to help with a water leak under the house....

so for the next 4.5 hours i sit in a light drizzle in the darkness on the side of the road with a crow bar waiting for my dads signal to turn the water off or on...

it was quite funny.

then after all that trauma i got up and went to the DBS mother daughter tea, it was interesting, my favorite part was the chocolate covered strawberries.


so school tomorrow..i really hope theyve got my schedule fixed..

love YOU.

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crazy crazy crazy school. (READ THIS)


hmm......i have 2 chemistry classes and no english (is something/someone trying to tell me i have chemistry issues?)

ive got a bunch of awesome classes..the only one im reeal worried about it Spanish with the hebdon from L. ha

so new exchange student named- really cool.

so Shawn McDonald is amazing...get his live in seattle cd NOW.

would you open up my eyes so that i can see?
would you open up my ears so that i can hear?
would you open up my mind so i can know?
would you open up my heart so i can love you more?
I wanna serve you my God, I wanna give you all of me


you are so beyond me
and i fall down in reverence and in fear
im asking you lord to please draw near

All i need is your love to fill this heart of heart is a desert that has gone dry and i need your love to carry me high.

<3 kels
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well here i go again.

school tomorrow...eek

Rush was fun....i didnt get to be there for Cari which sucked..but i got was halarious..she was so asleep.

i didnt get home till 7 or 8- cant really was crazy awful to get up at 3 in the afternoon and have to drive to Nashville. I went with my friend David and his girlfriend..fuuun..anyways we went because me and David did a bunch of murals for the Country Music hall of was cool.. ..

All i Need is You Lord

so, yes, love you.

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Painted The Town.

oooh man. where do i even begin?...the Ny trip was so incredible.
God really challenged all of us to be \"fluid\" (taking on whatever happens knowing that Gods in control)..i learned so much about having a vision and going after it like a rhino(heh)..
i also got so close to everyone in the group..esp my asian lover and sweet rachel bonin.. so anyway i think ill just leave you with the funny memories..

1.hearing the words, \"no air conditioning\"
2.taking an ice cold shower and wishing id never have to get out.

3.watching cock roaches crawl around in the bathroom.
4.running through the sprinklers with Lauren

4 1/2. Uh, Kelsey dont touch the know homeless people pee on that\" - Jason Thacker..hah

5.being so hot, and sweating from every pore ..woo!
6.Lauren getting stuck in the subway doors..and screaming..haha(STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS)

7.Me and Jonathan taking pictures with Duracel Man! (as he wrapped his leg around me..ha)
8. Getting completely lost in the broncs around midnight and not getting home till about 2ish

8 1/2. Crazy mexican couple going at it on the subway

9. Moving from the worst dorms in the world to the best...and thinking the toilet wouldn\'t flush at first...
**10. (just so you know this one wins #1 memory)
uhh..kelsey, ive got this doritos bag..thank goodness

LAUREN! gosh wheres the freakin DORITOS BAG?!?!?!

11.being drawn by some chinese people with jonathan..and seeing myself portrayed strangely(ha)
12. seeing joellen tharp in starbucks in Times random.

13.lookin snazzie with the ipod
14.falling asleep on jason and lauren in the subway

15.painting a broncs highschool bathroom...nastiness ...but then it turned out good and i painted flowers on the doors..
16.Listening to Shawn McDonald!

17. moving our luggage 8 times in one trip.
18.Italian ice stands

**19. riding around in a shopping cart in the Wal-Mart parking lot with ice-cream on my face.
20. joining the mafia and getting my first scar...the bloody eye of course...which became the joke of the week also.

21.the hair dryer
22.prank calling people all night and on the way home..being Mari Sanchez baby!

23. meeting soo many new people..from churches all over and people that live in NY.
24. hanging with the paint the town band, the destinations team, and the NHNY people in a meeting (stanley is officially the coolest).. i got to go to because i was asked to paint some canvases on the stage!

25.meeting charlie hall and worshipping in the Brooklyn Tabernacle
26. always knowing where to find my tough belle aire kidos- in the only air conditioned room haha

26 1/2. going down to L floor.

27.throwin down some sweet beats in the \"prayer room\"
28.seeing God MOVE!..and use every single person there to his glory:-)

sorry thats a lot but its worth you -kels

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