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March 03, 2007

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well... shoppin, JROTC :drill, n color gaurd, guyz, skool, & terrorizing my neighbors...


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WAS AMAZING.... we had fun... we all looked so beautiful and the guys.... hawt!  i will never forget last night... no one could ever understand what that experiance is like till the get to stand on the field looking as beautiful as they can and when ur name is announced of the speaker all of your friends.... family... and peers   screaming ur name.... its amazing and i wouldnt have enjoyed it as much if i didnt have my wonderful Michael as my "shoulder ordement".... lol wow.... i love you guys!!!

 highlights of the night....:
*Charles rolling down the limo windo and asking the lady next to us if she "had any grey pupon".... LMAO!
*getting to talk to Bri who IS an amazing person and though we are ALL tired of her winning everything.... she deserves it....

*heck.... just riding in the limo was fun.....

* me and kelsey walking down the field bare foot....

.... to all the girls in this years homecomming court.... we had fun.... and all of you deserved it.... we all deserved it...


October 01, 2006
David Ambrose said

:( i really wanted to come but i couldn't find a all my friends with cars suck. but you know if i had a way i would've been there. so who's taking you to prom this year?
October 01, 2006
David Ambrose said

hmmmm. cause i never went to prom. ;)

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