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February 28, 2009

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sports, music(duh), performance, dance, guard(even though its in my past), fashion, outdoorsy things....random stuff too :/


wow...i can't even begin to list it all... i pretty much love every type of music....


favorites are: Center Stage, Italian Job, Signs, Pearl Harbor, Because I Said So, The Ring, The Notebook, Fight Club, A Knights Tale, The Departed, Shooter, The Da Vinci Code, The Descent, 10 Things I Hate About You, Blow, Sin City, Almost Famous, Band Of Brothers Series, Black Hawk Down, The Patriot, Braveheart, Click


Something Borrowed, Something Blue, The A-List Series, She Said Yes(a fav. from like 6th grade), Hamlet....

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it's been a while...

so it's been a while since i have posted anything on here... i still check it every day but i dunno.. i just haven't been in the mood to write anything....


well its almost thanksgiving break... i'm going home tomorrow and it will be the first time driving home since i went home for the funeral.  it will be good to see my family though. its been a long time and this had been a really hard few months and it will be nice to be around everyone. 

so its thanksgiving at my house this year... which will be awesome... minus the chaos... my mom always goes crazy... and well thats never fun... but my grandparents and my aunt and uncle and cousins from chicago are coming so im really excited! plus my sister is coming up for thanksgiving as well... it will be good seeing her...


but yeah in other news... school sucks balls!!!!

i'm so ready for it to be over... like for good!!!

oh well... it will come eventually....


well.... i dont really know what else to talk about... things are pretty good.. all i do is work and go to class... and sometimes have so fun as well..hahaha


till next time...



Happy Thanksgiving!!!  (almost) 

November 20, 2007
Patrick said

the chaos kinda adds to the fun... sometimes. lol. have a safe trip

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