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March 05, 2008

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work sucks however friends and God are great
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so i pretty much have the coolestest bunch of friends ever! so i was just a garrett\'s party and we are all such dorks! but hey thas alright because like i told cole at logan\'s thats what makes us special! well if you are one of my best friends this is what i say to you \"iss like playa\" and if you dont know what i mean than you are either not one of my best friends or you have been hanging out with cole to much in her DD class!! well im just playin see ya later!
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New Site

This is my new and improved phusebox!!! I changed because I was tired of my old name (xander717). It was too long and stupid. nobody calls me xander so it was retarded. So now i use alex.
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So I am sitting here in class and thinking about how school is terrible. I hate being here. I hate wasting 7 hours of my day sitting in a class that I will not use any of the skills that I am learning. I could teach my self the same things in like 15 minutes and not 55. I wish I could do that. And since I really have no great Christian friends here it is hard to make it through the day. So its not that much fun. So I live for going to work, goind to church, and seeing my friends. They make me tick. I don\'t know what I would do without them.
And on another note. GOD is awesome. I love to see how HE can move in lives and change them. And I hope that we can all feel HIS presence in our lives at some time. I can be so selfish and focused on myself. I hope and pray that HE can change me. Because I can\'t do it on my own.
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My Name

R is for Radical
I is for Irresistible
C is for Chipper
H is for Healthy
A is for Active
R is for Refined
D is for Deadly
A is for Awesome
L is for Loud
E is for Enthusiastic
X is for Xtra Cool
A is for Altruistic
N is for Nice
D is for Dramatic
E is for Explosive
R is for Radiant
L is for Loving
E is for Enlightened
W is for Wild
I is for Inspirational
S is for Sporty

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