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March 05, 2008

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life as we know it

summer has been great as of now. friends are great and work is terrible. i dread every minute that i am there. and i have four ap classes worth of summer work to complete and i have not started one bit of it.
but on a more spiritual matter i have just started the barbarian way by erwin mcmanus (compliments of my big bro) and it is awesome. it really calls out the type of life and faith that i have been living lately one that is civilized and churched. it says that we should revert to our primal uncivilized pure raw faith. we have to overcome our proper churching and live by the faith that we had right when we started to believe one that is all for losing everything and not caring about onything but serving the heart of our king!!!
barbarian is to be a member of a people considered by those of another nation or group to have a primitive civilization (or faith)

live for the heart of our king!!!
June 29, 2006
Elizabeth said

hey alex! i havent talked to you in a while! i hope you are doing great, and im sorry about your job, you should quit and go work with garrett and ben at the church, i bet they would like the extra help.. haha well now i dont have like an academic ap class, but i do have 3 summer ap art peices i have to do, and i havent started any of it and those take a longgggg time! ahh i dont know what im going to do! ... and .. ha summer reading, lets not even go there.. ugh summer is just going by toooooo fast. :( well i hope you have a great night! i will talk with ya later- -elizabeth :)
July 02, 2006
kristen teeters said

wow thats so awesome!! well i was just going to say friday was so much fun!! ahaha pretty sure that was just a blast!! we are going to have to do that again!! have a SUPER week!!
July 17, 2006
meredith taylor said

July 26, 2006

Hey buddy havent seen u in a while. How ya doin? I hope your doin good. Hopefully i'll see you tonight. Have an awesome day God loves you and so do i abi
August 08, 2006
Elizabeth said

hey t was fun seeing you this weekend we had an awesome time hanging out with you and everyone yalll need to come down to bham sometime, if your ever here with the family, let us know we would love to see ya and hang out! well i will talk to you later!- liz
September 06, 2006
kaitlin gay said

youre pretty cool, i guess =)
September 20, 2006
Chelsea Turner said

ulga loves alex.

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