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August 27, 2006

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Is this not crazy!!

So today was the BIG day...yep sign ups for Passion 07 started at noon EST.  The first 500 registrants got the $99 was gone in 6 minutes.  6 MINUTES!!  Yours truly was one of the fortunate 500 (does that mean we're like the Fortune 500?...ha!).  Crazy me forgot my credit cards today so I'm like scrambling to call my brother to get his card number like 10 minutes til noon.  Thankfully, no prob there.  Then I had a crazy time trying to sign in to my account.  I didn't know my password so...yep had to wait for them to send it.  Thankfully I got everything squared away along with my brother and his fiance's registration.

And get this...the 2nd 500 could register for $109 and it was gone in like 2.5 minutes.  Is that not unbelievable?!

1000 people signed up for Passion 07 in 8.5 minutes.  Passion 07, here we come!

It's gonna be awesome!  Can't wait!!

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Photoshop o' Fun

So here's some of what I've been learning in Photoshop, thanks to my good friend Jen!  It's not a lot, but it is really cool in my book.  I'm proud of myself...can't wait to learn more! What do you all think??

This is one I've been working on for our upcoming youth ski retreat.

This one is just for fun and learning.

photo from acrossgeneration
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Lots o\' madness & a cool opportunity

So this weekend I volunteered at a youth conference by Dare 2 Share.  D2S is an organization that equips teenagers to share their faith.  I\'ve been involved with them for about 5 years now, since whenever they firt started coming to Charlotte.  The past couple years I\'ve been running one of the two stationary cameras.  But this year, I was sadly disappointed when I learned that I wouldn\'t be needed in that way.  Actually, I was asked to be the assistant stage manager.  What a cool opportunity!  I couldn\'t believe how planned out everything was.  It was defintely crazy, but I learned so much!  I also enjoyed getting to know the members of the band, the main speakers, the actors, the sound & stage crew, etc.  They are definitely a great group of guys!  Now I\'m to catch up on some zzzz\'s...
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Well, I must admit that I have a really great...ok, sometimes crazy friends.  I have been so incredibly blessed by them.  It has been so amazing to see God bring so many different people to Fusion.  Each one in some way or another has been such an encouragement to me, taught me so much, strengthened me in my walk, loved me even in the rough times, and made me laugh when I didn\'t really feel like laughing.  I love that Fusion is made up of such an ecclectic group of young people, but so godly examples of Christ.  No one has ever played Christianity.  They are real.  They pursue God relentlessly.  They pray relentlessly.  They hold me up.  In so many ways, they have blessed me immensely.  Thank you God for such friends as these!

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\"Unfailing Love\"

This was a picture of my friend, Ani, at Crowder\'s Mountain that I took and photoshopped. You can see the original in my photos. \"Unfailing Love\"\'s so amazing. How much more I need to relish and remember that.

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