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March 18, 2008

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A proud moment for Mr. Davis

My situational Irony was of the charts tonight.
My dad was doing major bitching at the house and i had to get out ASAP. So Josef was going to hang out with me and help me get my mind off stuff and or just talk about it. So leave the house, casting my fetters away as i squeal out of the drive way. I drop Arabella off at her church stuff and head out to Starbucks to meet dearest Josef. Going in i see dearest Sarah leaving the place, we exchange pleasantries. We see will and Sean too. Josef and i proceed into the Starbucks and there are Taylor and Kate. We are about to sit down with them and i happen to glance outside. And as luck would have it, and no one else would ever have to haddle this much shit in one day besides myself of course, i see the SPRINTER. "julie's cooking service" That's right, you guessed it. My father, the person one of the persons i was escaping from. therefor we had to leave, naturally because we both know my dad is coming into where we are.
We make a dash for our cars, and the irony increases with our panting. My dad parks right beside us. We end up having to talk to him . He is taking eli to meet his tutor at SB. Josef and i head for CAfe Coco to play our long over due game of upwords. We ran into no more people , but we did see Rachard Hawk's girl friend.
February 01, 2007
Sarah Vermillion said

Sorry if we caused you any additional grief last night.
February 01, 2007
Sarah Vermillion said

That makes me glad. You know, Jen, we should do more stuff together. Especially now that we have that impending college-is-going-to-split-us-all-up thing coming rather soon.

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