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March 18, 2008

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thought provoking provocation.

I dont know how to deal with people. or situations. Eugenides claims that i am actually not female at all.. but a male, trapped in a feamale's body. he says that sexual identity peaks at age 2, when we learn to speak either male or female, just as we learn to speak english or german. I know that i do not speak female. I speak Male. this is enlightening information, that i do not know if i am glad to have recieved.

And whilst i am def not a hermaphrodite in anysense. I do not have a crocus or enlarged clitoris. I am still raging with testosterone as far as my brain is concerned. The fact that my mother is the dominating role in the household, also does not help this situation. this is great insight though.... great i mean, this solves a lot. Now i know why all my friends are predominately guys. Explains why girls dont like me. and all that other great stuff.

so.. peace out
January 20, 2007
Sarah Vermillion said

Where exactly did you learn all this? I like you. And I'm pretty sure I'm a girl...

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