April 27 2006


okay the 40 days are up. well it's been more than 40 days but i've been busy? lol. hmmm life has been weird, had some bad days, but otherwise life is good. i'm going to take some new pics soon because my hair looks different. lol sooo i love you guys!!

goodbye for now

February 28 2006

hello guys

Mandy is giving up the computer and tv for lint. This excludes e-mail of course. but yah. tv and mandy. wow it's going to be so hard. I am going to be sooo bored!! well God is more important than tv and phusebox, xanga, and aim together. maybe i'll stop worrying about my fav shows and finish my homework. or maybe even read!! i know well the day after tomorrow is when it starts so i'll c ya guys in 40 days!! leaves bunches of comments aka over 2! love you guys!!



February 20 2006


Mandy has a phusebox!! yay me! okay well this 3 day weekend has been pretty awesome. today is the end of it and i will be sad. i still have a bridge to build and my math work to finish.

I love you guys