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July 06, 2006

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Well i like music. I'm kinda what people call a band dork.I love to compose and arrange music and play may instruments (french horn, tenor sax, drums, guitar, bass And any other brass instruments). I love Family Guy, Futurama, and Southpark. I enjoy hangging with my friends and having fun. I sell air guitars and pet rocks and i can do a great silent bob impression. Uhh, i service and build computers. if you know me, you know that i'm not just a big geek


Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Marshall Tucker, The Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Boston, Kansas, Styx, Bob Marley, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Systmem of a Down
Blue Oyster Cult, Bob Dylan, Catch 22, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Def Lepord, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Cream, The Greatful Dead, The Who, Forigner, Lynrd Skynrd, The Rolling Stones. Santana, The Doors, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Rammstein, Victor Wooten, Tenacious D, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago, Tower of Power, Kool and the Gang, Deep Purple, Elton John, Kenny Wyne Shepard, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, .38 Special, Kiss, Rush, Stevie Wonder, Doobie Brothers, Queen, Sam and DAve, Blackfoot, Bob Seger, The Police, The James Gang/ Joe Walsh, REO Speedwagon, and many, MANY more!!!!


The Wall, Jackass, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Blues Brothers, Animal House


Alas Baylon, Lord of the Flies, Farenheight 451, Silas Marner, Rocket Boys, Rebecca, America: A citizens guide to Democrcy, My Side of the Moutain, LOTR, A Cricket in times Square, A Brief History of Time and
Space, The History of Everything. Time Travel in Einsteins Universe

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myspace is wayyyyy better.

this thing sucks

add me if you want
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    why the fuck do I even update. you guys fucking suck. This whole idea of "online Journals" suck. How about this I wish hitler was still alive, i am a neo nazi/ kkk clansmen and i had sex with your mother lastnight. I bet you wont even leave me a fucking comment for that.
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iPod Hacks

    well, im starting this how-to thing. I just completed my homemade iPod charger. I will post a complete How-To once I get my camera working again, but for now here is some free stuff for your iPod:

Have a nano? Need a case? here is a free one you can print out and design anyway you like: Warning, PDF file

more mto come shortly!!!


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well i ordered my ipod today hope to see it soon
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sup, Noyjing much here, Anal Sex

nahh j.k. well midstate results are out. idodnt make it. but was i expecting to? No, so i really dont care, a lot of people did really well, check the website @ for results. Well i was in latin the other day (btw there is a latin blog) and i was talking really quiet, which we could and megan rice kep telling me to be quiet. but the thing is, i wasnt the only one talkin, so she gives me a stupid-ass \"diciplinary sheet\", but it was all cool b/c Laura (or Mrs. B and/or Mrs. Birkofer) didint really care she just acted like it when megan was around, well anyways i g2g, i left a wet noodle on a puppie

quote of the day: \"The pen is mighter than the sword...if it has been dipped in deadly poison, sharpened to a fine point, and thrown from ten feet away. but your much better off with the sword\"

-poor richard\'s almanac (first draft)
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