February 27 2006

so things here are going pretty good. its gettin warmer...yay. been hanging out with travvy and the youth group. funfun. today i just gotta clean and study some stuff.

who's ready for summer?

<3 jelly


February 11 2006

ello loves

so im just hanging out with some friends. chilllin..yea..its w/e. im tired. i need to go to tennessee and see my friends..who all agrees?  yea..anywho...leave some love. im out <3


so im crazy about him...

February 05 2006

got to see travvy thursday, friday, and yesterday. yesterday we went on a date (the first one we've had in awhile. we've seen each other..but havent had a whole lot of "alone time" lately.) so he came up yesterday around 11:30 and we went to the state park and had a picnic and walked around the lake and talked about a lot of things. it was a lot of fun. than church and went to eat and saw a movie at nate's house. too mch fun. i miss him today

pray for Justin...



January 31 2006

sometimes..i just...i just don't know about everything. but then i think of you..and everything we've been through...and im just reminded that you're worth it.

still praying and looking. there are some things i wish would change..but..idk. we'll. see. i love him too much to just give up and let him go.


ello love

January 30 2006

so..yea..whats going on? new site. leave some comments. muchos love

<3 jelly