whats life if u dont pull your pants down and slide on the ice

November 27 2005

got that line from the even stevens...yeah...

yay for hobby lobby bein closed on sunday!!!!

i think it was wends night ... i went to chilies with sami... and kevin and sethy!!! i was really xcited that i got to see them again!!!!

nicky came home yesterday... so me and sami and kee and kevin broke into nickys house... we were hoppin that they didnt have an alarm... and they do... but its off...i put happy back where he belongs and then we go upstairs... and wait... wait so long that sami has to leave so she sneaked out to her car that we secretively hid...and when she was on her way outta the neighborhood she calls us and is like theyre on their way home!!!! so we waited some more... and they came home and the first thing we here is "whos keys..." and i was like CRAP!!! yeah they were mine i left them on the kitchen counter... blah!!! but nicky didnt immediatly come upstairs... more like she waited like 20 mins... so kevin called her and was like i think the softball girls did something to ur room so u should go look... so she finally goes and looks and finds me and kee and kevin layin in her bed... it was great... she loves us!!!

went shoppin today... then to nickys to give her a turkey...?  then she gave me a cd she bought for me in costa rica... its called belinda... and all 12 of her songs are in spanish... cept for one... called be free... hehe...and we def listened to it in my truck lol

hope everyone had a good weekend!!!!