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Vote For Devin Williams

September 07 2007
Fame Cast has launched a web based music competition and the winner takes home $10,000!! There are five rounds and there will be different videos submitted for each round. The only way to win this competition is to have the most votes.

The voting has begun! So please check out Devin's videos on Fame Cast and
vote for him! We can't win this without you guys.

Devin is in 3 different categories so he could win up to $30,000 if he were
to win in all three. The categories he is competing in are:
Rock, Pop, and Singer-Songwriter.

Here's how to register/login so you can cast your votes!

1) Create a Fan Account by clicking here:

Famecast Registration -

2) Verify your email address after you register, by checking your email
and clicking on the link provided.

3) After you are logged into Famecast, type this in the address line of
your browser --
www.famecast.com/devinwilliams, or you can go to www.mouthpieceonline.com
and click on the links listed on the website.

You can also copy and paste each of these links to get to the categories.

Rock -

Pop -

Singer-Song-Writer -

4) To vote - click the big vote button at the top of the video or click
the Vote for this artist button. You can only vote once per category per
round, so you won't have to vote again until we send you another email for the
next round.

That's all it takes! While you're there, be sure to leave a comment on his
video if you want, and become a fan!

Thanks so much for your support!!!