July 14 2006
so i havent made a blog on here in....yeah...a really really long time.  so.....i love disney world.........and my dani is in romania, which is really really  far away from me.  i guess im like dani deprived....which is sad.  and she needs to come see me!!!!!!  and we need more fun kim and dani pics........
. jack sparrow makes me happy....i saw him at disneyworld!!!

look!!  we're so cute...and nicholas kinda said the universe revolves around us....sorta........mk...im done now
happy friday!

we survived the bcm all nighter

February 20 2006


but things got a bit crazy at about 2 am

as kim sang karaoke i attacked her feet



February 16 2006

new pics!!

February 15 2006

attractive...yeah ...we know.

we went to an interesting guitar concert for our intro to music class
for single's awareness day
and well dani got the time wrong and we were there 30 min early
needless to say
and these are the pictures that resulted


February 12 2006
so i was thinking...if i'm KB like the toy store...whats dani?   DW---darkwing duck!!!

my roomie...

February 07 2006
erin danielle westerman is my hero!  Not only because she gets me food on Thursdays when I have no time between class and work, but also because she is just awesome!

Her favorite color is green, which somehow she has managed to get me to not hate green anymore.  We still don't like green a lot, but we can tolerate each other now.  Dani also bowls like a little kid...but then so do I!!!
Dani has lots of boys.  I think me and Rachael are her only girls...hmmm...
Dani's favorite words: bludgeon and defenestrate
If you haven't personally had these threats directed at you yet...well...how did you manage to avoid that?  You should get an award!
Dani keeps me warm when it's freezing outside and we have no heat!!
She also takes me 4 wheeling, which is lots of fun...when you don't think you're about to die.
Dani also explains thing concerning guys to me becuase I'm generally completely clueless. 
Dani kills spiders.  The girls down the hall absolutely love her for that.  She's better at directions that I am, which I realize isn't hard, but it is extremely helpful to me!! 
She gets frapuccinos with me.  And they are oh so yummy!
She also got me some Pirates of the Caribbean cereal!  It's yummy too!
Dani loves to attack me.  It isn't always fun for me, but...hmmm.  I did bite her once.  She bit my butt.  She is teaching me to be bitter...and violent.  Have I mentioned she's bitter and violent? 
She watches 24 with me now.  Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride.  I don't really like it. 
And to expand upon the quote about me and my mustangs...
                       -Me and Cars & Dani and Boys-
Kim- mk...so you know how you are with boys?
         thats how i am with cars.
        It's like:
Kim- Oooooo!  Pretty car!!
Dani - Where?
Kim- There.
Dani - Where?
Kim - Right there.
Dani - I don't see it.
Dani - Ooooooo!  Pretty boy!
Kim - Where?
Dani - There.
Kim - Where?
Dani - Right there.
Kim - I don't see him.

So...what do we learn from this?  Basically:
1. Dani is more interested in boys--preferably pretty boys
2. Kim is more interested in cars -- preferably Mustangs
3. Dani hardly ever sees the cars.
4. Kim hardly ever sees the boys.
5. Dani wants the boy in the car.
6. Kim wants the car.

Dani is also very sarcastic which I absolutely love!  She is learning to do sound for the BCM!!  I love you, Dani!  She has an amazing voice, and even though I hate it, she sings louder than me, which again isn't hard to do.  We have been known to belt out "Kerosene" and other various bitter country songs.   Dani loves movies with bitter women, revenge, and explosions. 
Within the first week of meeting each other, we knew we would get along as roommates--mainly due to the country music and CMT that we both had to have!  But now...we're becoming the same person.  It's a bit scary at times.  Dani has several quote books which keep us entertained, as you can probably tell from our random quotes of the week.  I'm sure there's more to add, but that's all for now.

lemme tell ya bout my roomie

February 06 2006

kim bannon is amazing
mostly because she has put up with me for almost 6 months now
but that is just the beginning
kim's favorite color is blue-- UK blue to be exact
she loves Disney and has been to Disney World over 10 times
(yes somewhere around 10 she lost count)

she is extremely graceful...on ice skates

(once off skates...er...we begin to have issues)
she says the most wonderful/hilarious things that are sooo worth writing down
****KIM QUOTE****
kim explaining her ability for spotting/ love of mustangs to Dani...
"mk...so you know how you are with boys?"
tonight, from 8-9PM i know without any question that i will be watching 24 with kim. i will be smothered as she worries during the tense moments smashing my face in to her abs
(i've learned to hold my breath as the tension builds to avoid certain death)

she works in the library with me because
that way she doesn't have to meet new people and be nice to them
- also because we both get reeeeeally bored -
kim is NOT a morning person
and must wake up to music- this however does not work well
because good music causes her to lay in bed til the song is over and then OF COURSE another good song is played...yeah
kim does NOT share microphones
kim is almost always clueless when it comes to guys
 (that's what she has erin and me for)

kim likes chapstick
(that's most of our combined collection BEFORE Christmas)
kim is quiet UNLESS you POKE her
-which by the way is lots of fun-
kim is indecisive, easily confused and amused, giddy, sarcastic, and becoming more bitter and violent (te he he - i wonder why?)
kim will one day turn into chicken, mac&cheese, and ice cream
because that's ALL she eats
sometimes kim is helpless
she has a wonderful voice and if you are nice and have good taste in music (country) she might just sing for you
you have to like country because basicly, if kim sings it, its country or will be by the time she gets done with it
kim wants a record deal
ok so kim really wants a record deal
so in all actuality kim really really wants a record deal
do you get the point or do i have to keep going??
so i could go on forever about my splendiferous roomie -
but I'll save that for another blog

Quote of the Day

February 01 2006
"They all work.  Brent's just retarded."

quote of the day #2:
Kim--How do you spell retarded?
Dani --Just like it sounds.  r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d
Kim--I didn't know if it had a t or a d.

Kim---Well, Erin calls people tards....Oh.
Dani---Tards not tarts honey.  You don't eat them.

Dani and Kim's Quote of the Week

January 22 2006
"The only reason you're still concious is because I don't want to carry you." - Jack Bauer