July 15 2007

it has been a while my human friends. life for me has been pretty great.


i go to the park and even have made a new friend, baby cat... well that is what i call him. well, that is it! have a great night! 



a dog's life for me...

November 26 2006
my name is sophia. i am a dog. i live with nathan and rachael and they are pretty great... except when the make me wear ridiculous clothing.

exhibit one: halloween

the dressed me as a dinosaur. i am a dog. not a dinosaur. last time i checked those things are extinct.

exhibit two: santa claus-dog


however, despite this humilation, they are still pretty great. i get to go for car rides in nathan's awesome car and rachael rubs my belly which is pretty much my favorite thing.

in conclusion, i say lets put a stop to dressing up dogs. we are dogs. we have feelings too.