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Sophia Moore

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July 15, 2007

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going for long walks in the park, squirrels, belly rubs, people watching, sleeping, my toy bear, rachael, nathan, running, bugs, and yummy treats.


lil bow wow, snoop dog


charlie brown christmas (snoopy is my hero), 101 dalmations, all dogs go to heaven, milo and otis, lady and the tramp,


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it has been a while my human friends. life for me has been pretty great.


i go to the park and even have made a new friend, baby cat... well that is what i call him. 
well, that is it! have a great night! 



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a dog's life for me...

my name is sophia. i am a dog. i live with nathan and rachael and they are pretty great... except when the make me wear ridiculous clothing.

exhibit one: halloween

the dressed me as a dinosaur. i am a dog. not a dinosaur. last time i checked those things are extinct.

exhibit two: santa claus-dog


however, despite this humilation, they are still pretty great. i get to go for car rides in nathan's awesome car and rachael rubs my belly which is pretty much my favorite thing.

in conclusion, i say lets put a stop to dressing up dogs. we are dogs. we have feelings too.

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