worries worries worries....

October 09 2006

I don't understand what God wants in a certain situation I'm dealing with. I don't know if He's telling me to just work on the things that I can and not worry about this, or if He's telling me that I need to change this one thing about myself that I'm worrying over. Oh, I just wish I knew the answers. I really need God's wisdom and discernment. Mother tells me I shouldn't worry about it and that I just need to focus on the things I know how to work on or can do.  Please just pray for me...pray for me  to have peace about this situation and that God will help me do whatever He wants me to do. So, it's kind of been a very serious kind of day....that, and having 3 tests all in the same week is sooo not cool.

So yeah...lots of stress and anxiety is just built up in me and I don't know what to do about a lot of it.  

On a lighter note, I am soooo ready for Fall Break. It's going to be great to have some extra down time. Some friends and I are planning on seeing Aida...it's the opera version of the show, which should be really cool. It's playing at TPAC this weekend.  I saw the musical version of it at Siegel and loved everything about it. My friend David is going to be in it, so we're all going to support him. 

Hope everyone is having a great start of the week.

<3 Kaylei


June 08 2006

so, I never mentioned this on here...but, I got a job. woo hoo! :) I'm working at the Middle Tennessee Christian School's preschool summer program. It's sooo much fun and these kids are adorable. I'm also getting the chance to actually have a class of my own and teach them about different animals and such. The class I'm teaching is a bunch of three-year olds, and let me tell you.... they are hilarious, some of the things they say and do :)  Well anyways, hope you all are having a fantastic summer so far. -Kaylei


May 05 2006
so.... I'm back home for the summer.  yayness :)


May 02 2006

okay so talked with the mother and it went okay...she isn't angry with me about the camera. I don't think I should assume she gets angry with me anymore whenever I do something, that just isn't right for me to make that assumption. It just ya know....kind of upsetting when things like that happen. But, I think it'll all work out okay anyways. I many have to live with a broken camera lens on the camera, or I may be able to get it fixed somehow (who knows??). 

BUT, I have a Bible exam in a few hours that I need to study for...so I'm getting off of here now. love you all!! <3s


dumbest day ever....

May 01 2006

This day has been a really dumb day. Not only do I discover that the lens on my NEW camera I got for my birthday is ruined ( well, not completely ruined but it won't let me put the lens in and out all the way when I press the on/off button...part of the lens was bent), but I was also having some other feelings about being left out which I will not get into. stupid stupid stupid.....I just want to forget this day ever happened. Mom is probably going to go berserk on me because her and my dad are the ones who got the camera for me. ugggggh...... plus I have 2 more finals which I've been trying my hardest to study for. It annoys me when I see other people only studying for like half an hour on their finals and make as good of a grade as I do..... oh well, I guess I'll live with the fact that I have to work on everything that much harder than a lot of people. I know there are some people who do work hard and study their brains out, but still....it's annoying when I work as hard as they do and still get a lower grade. It just makes me feel like my best isn't good enough.

well, enough of that ranting.... I just want to get home and get away from here. No offense to any of my friends that go here (I love you all, regardless if you think I do or not...I do love you all), it's just I am ready for a break from all of this. Maybe once I get home everything will be fine again for me.

well, there was some fun in the day....we had a Tuba Smash with SAI and that was great. Quite a few people came out to smash an old E Flat Tuba that Dr. Hamrick donated to us.  I have a few pictures, but I really don't think I should be messing with the camera anymore until I can find out if I can get it fixed.

well, I hope you all have a good rest of the week!


stress and final exams....

April 27 2006

Really stressing over this communications final.  I need to do well on it so I can ensure the B I have. I really was hoping to make an A in the course but that is out of my reaches now.  It's just really dissappointing but I guess I'll have to live with a B. And I think my stressing out about this is reflecting in how I act with other people. So, if you could just lift up a prayer that everything goes alright with this final, I'd be much obliged (sp?).  Thanks!



April 26 2006

So I need to update more probably....

Anyways, let's just say that my birthday was pretty special :)  My parents and sister came to Nashville and took me and my four gal friends out to eat at Kobe's steakhouse. It was sooo good, and they had green tea ice cream.  After Kobe's, me and the KTs and Heather went to go play with sidewalk chalk and take pictures. I dunno why, but I can't seem to upload them on here, but they're on my facebook so yeah, go check them out there.  We stayed out really late, but it was still one of the best birthdays I have ever had. 

 Today is the last day of classes for me, and we have Study Day tomorrow, and then thus starts the FINALS!!! aaah, wish me luck. I wish all of you luck on your exams too :)

Hope you all have a great rest of the week! <3

highschool, college and opportunities...making the most of our time

April 17 2006

Ya know, I was just thinking how much I did NOT take advantage of my high school years. I kind of regret that.... I wasn't involved as much as I could have been, and I didn't try as hard in my classes as I should have maybe. It kind of saddens me that I was like that.  Even though I did fairly well with grades in highschool, and even though I was involved some, I wasn't as much as other people were and I didn't put myself out there. Thankfully I am trying my best to make the most of my college years, and hopefully I will take advantage of the opportunities I have presented to me.  I really want to go to the City of Children with Lipscomb next year. I never went with the youth group in high school because I always had dance team camp and practice, or family things that conflicted with me going. I also would love to go to Camp Shiloh and Baja, Mexico. wow, there are so many mission opportunities and so many service opportunities....i really want to just grasp a hold of all of them.... but I guess God will do what he wants in my life and it's not for me to decide. I know God knows my heart and that's all that counts, but I just so desire to make a difference and to be a light to the world and to hopefully influence those around me as well. I just want people to see my heart and know that it is a heart that wants to do good and that loves God and loves my fellow man.

"In the same way, let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven."  Matthew 5:16

"be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children, and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Ephesians 5:1-2


March 31 2006

Good day today for the most part, though I think it is going to rain soon! But I love downpours, because they remind me of God's overflowing love for us. Uhm, late last night was lots of fun. My friends Denton, Sara and Leigh got a frisbee caught on a little roof of Elam and my friends Katy and Katie had to help get it off of there because they're on the third floor. lol, that was pretty hilarious. And then after they got it back off, we all went outside and tossed the frisbee around and Heather, Katy, and Katie all climbed trees (lol, they're my little monkeys). Uhm and Katy even climbed on top of the swings and did some dangerous stunts.  yaaay for days like yesterday....I'm thankful for easy weeks like this one was. Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. I guess I"ll be going home and catching up on all the work that I didn't do this week, lol. 


Inner City Ministry Fish-Fry Fundraiser

March 30 2006

These are the children I go serve every Monday for the Inner City Ministry here in Nashville. It has been such a blessing to have this opportunity to be apart of this ministry. Tonight was the Fish-Fry funraiser for this ministry and the money they raise goes to help support the summer camp they have for the children.  I think they are having one in Murfreesboro next week as well actually.  So yeah, my night consisted of eating lots of fish and seeing some family I haven't seen in a little while too. So, it was a fun evening.  Oh, and me and my friend Katie went on a Target Run after classes.....yaaaay for Target Runs! uhm, nothing much else going on.... need to get off this thing so I can work on some other homework and such.

teachers doing mission work

March 28 2006

Lately, God has been putting on my heart those children who are less fortunate in this world. Though I have thought about doing mission work before, I had never really considered that it would be possible for an elementary education major to teach in a foreign country like that. I really want to show the love of God to those children in the world who have never known about Him, and I want to help little minds grow in a healthy way.  In chapel yesterday, they gave out this award called the Mary Morris Service Award, and it was given to this remarkable lady who had gone to Lipscomb and then after her first semester of teaching in Nashville, she decided to go to Honduras and teach there. She learned the language, established a school there, and is able to teach the Bible and about Jesus and how He died for us. It's amazing! It just really inspired me, and God put it on my heart that maybe that is something I should think about doing in the future. It's just something I've been thinking about lately.... and, though I know there are plenty of opportunities here in the USA to serve the less fortunate and to be able to teach our children here, I really feel that I need to get out there in the world where there is even less knowledge about the love of Christ.

Well, hope you all are having a wonderful week! I know I have... we didn't have chapel today, which is nice. And it's such a pretty day! I think I'm going to go sit on a swing outside for a litte bit before class.

finally an update

March 13 2006

Well, I haven't updated in a while.  My cousin Neely got married on Saturday, and I got to go to that. And all of my family that lives in Maryland came down for the wedding, and I got to go see them last Wednesday for a while and of course on Saturday for the wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, and I have some pictures on facebook of it.  My oldest cousin's daughter was the flower girl, and she was soo adorable! And then my cousin Allie was the maid of honor (it was her sister who got married), but the bad thing was was that Allie had torn her ACL in her knee playing basketball the Sunday night before. So, she was hopping around and on crutches during the wedding and you could tell she was in pain. I felt so bad for her! She's going to have surgery on Friday, but is going to have to miss her mission trip she was planning to go on over spring break. poor thing, I just hope she'll get to feeling better and not be in so much pain.

Well anyways, speaking of Spring Break, mine is starting on Friday! woo hoo. Finally!! :)  But I'm going to probably be getting some work done for my education class. I have to get classroom observation hours in and this is probably one of the only times I'll have time to do it in. Oh well, I guess I'll have some down time though. At least I don't have to go to classes.  So yeah, it seemed like everyone else is just now getting out of having Spring Break just when I'm getting to have mine. lol, what's up with that? well, maybe I'll see all of you Murfreesboro people sometime while I'm home. I'm not really doing a whole lot during break, so I'd love to get together with you all. 

Well, hope you all have a great rest of the week!


Everyone is doing it so I thought I'd join in....

February 23 2006

Introduce yourself in one bold, honest paragraph.
My name is Kaylei. I am very passionate about the things that mean the most to me. I have a compassionate heart for others, and I strive to show that compassion in my relationships with others. I love to be around small children and hope to be a Kindergarten/Pre-School teacher one day.  I love to write in my journal, read good books with a sweet story or books that make me think. I am really into music. I sing and used to play the piano. I am more quiet and shy untill I get to know a person. I love God and am so blessed by all the many gifts He has given me, and I only hope to be the person God wants me to be.

Tell me what people think about you.
On the first impression?......I'm not sure. I think they think I'm more shy and quiet on the first impression. Although I sometimes wonder if they think I'm just being snobby and don't care to talk to them...but that is not the case at all. And if they are daring enough to get to know me, then they usually see me as a sweet, kind person. At least this is the very few things people have told me.... I don't really get much feedback on what people think of me though.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
To not be so shy and reserved around people I do not know....just to be more comfortable with talking to people around me I am only acquainted with and all.

Have you ever felt at home with someone?
Uhm, well my family I am very at home with. I'd say I'm pretty much at home with the close group of friends I have as well. 

Describe your appearance.
I'm 5'1 (yeah, I'm short), blonde haired, curly headed (though I sometimes straighten it), blue eyes, freckles, and I guess I'm pretty averaged weight

Biggest revelation to date?

I don't have to be perfect, and I can't change the personality God gave me....though I can always strive to work on some areas I am weaker in. But God loves me and can use me even though I have the personality I have....and I don't need to worry about being relevant to those around me, because to God I am relevant.

Biggest issue weighing you down?
worry and unhappiness about certain situations..... that and stress of school

Theme song?

Give me some final parting advice.                                                                    

"Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself"...it's so simple really, that's all we need to have hamony in our lives, it's to devote ourselves to the Lord and then to love those around us and care for them just as we would care about our own selves. If we do this, we will be blessed in our own lives.


February 21 2006

woah, this is sad.... only one comment. Come on guys, I know you love me. Well anyways, it's been a pretty good day.  Yesterday I had Inner City work..... it was great to work with all of those children. They are such a joy really. I mean, yes I had a ton of work to get done and couldn't because I have an obligation to this ministry, but I am over that feeling of needing to get the homework done first. I need to serve...Jesus calls us all to serve. I am blessed to have this opportunity... and I am blessed because it has helped taken so much focus off of myself and my worries and all.  I love those children and they love me, and I hopefully will be able to impact their lives just as much as their lives have impacted mine. 

Let's see.... today we started speeches in Communications. Im giving my speech next Thursday....eeeeek! Please be praying that I'll be able to be an effective speaker and that I won't get too nervous.  uhm, I am really missing Murfreesboro for some reason. I LOVE Nashville life, it's just I'm soo close yet I haven't been home for a full weekend in a long time now. Crazy weather and then other things going on.  I did get to go home for like a day this past weekend. It was good, and I actually got to go back to MY church and sleep in MY bed. **sighs** I truly missed it. It's not that I don't love the dorm life, and it's not that I do not like Granny White Church of Christ, it's just no church is ever going to be as wonderful as North Blvd has been to me. And I definitely miss the singing at North Blvd. Granny White's singing will NEVER match up to North Blvd.'s members' beautiful voices. 

I  <3 home!!

Anyways, that is all...I need to get some homework done before the SAI meeting tonight :)   


fill out please??? thank you

February 01 2006
Here's something I'd appreciate any of you people who read my phusebox to fill out.....

Dear Kaylei,
You seriously ______ me.
I want to____untill the day I die.
I think you're_____.
If I could dedicate any song to you it would be______.
Remember when we______.
It was pretty____.  I can't wait untill_____.
I love it when_____.
I _____ you and hope we ______.
P.S. _______ .

Why hello Phusebox!!

January 03 2006
 I haven't written in here in a while....
Well,  exams went pretty well, so no...they didn't kill me. lol ;)
Anyways, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year :)
I know I did. It has been soo good to be with my family whom I haven't seen in a while. I was missing home because I hadn't been back to Murfreesboro for like almost a month before I came back for Christmas break. So, it has been a great 3 1/2 weeks back home....but I am looking forward to going back to school and seeing everyone there. I'm going back Saturday. My friend Heather is moving in *excited* so I gotta get back so I can get all of my stuff situated and help her with her stuff. 
Well, hope you all have a lovely day! 


December 09 2005
exams are going to kill me.... so if I'm not alive for Christmas break, then you'll know why now.  lol, just kidding
 But, I am worried....very worried about it. I have to do really well on them or else my GPA will suffer  Yes that's right folks.... it's very crucial that I get As on my Psychology and Biology Exams. Please just pray that I do well on those tests, I definitely need all the prayers I can get.

study study study

December 07 2005
uhmm, nothing much to say.  I just really need to let some issues go is all I'm going to say....and I think yall know what I'm talking about. But yeah, I am doing much better with everything!! :)
uhm, well I'm home for tonight so I could get some help from my parents for reviewing for my Final Exams. They're so great about offering to help me study!!! <3
But yeah, so this next week is going to be HECTIC! Nothing to do but study, study, study.... I bet you can already sense the enthusiasm coming from me about all the studying I have to do. haha....yeah, sure, lol.
But yeah so Saturday I have my Bible Final Exam ( saturday exams = not cool at all). And then Monday, I have Psychology Final Exam. Tuesday will be nothing but studying and maybe a little straightening up of the dorm room going on. Then Wednesday I have Biology Final Exam and I'm free for the CHristmas Break!!! yay
Me = Excited about Christmas!!!  :)
well, hope you all have a lovely rest of the week! :)

Movies, papers,and shots... OH MY!

November 26 2005

Last night was fun. I went with two of my aunts and three of my cousins to see Yours, Mine, and Ours.  It was such a cute movie!! Yall should all go see it sometime. 

uhm, let's see.... yesterday I got my Final paper for Lipscomb Seminar done. yaaay! I don't have to mess with that anymore.
And then for my reward for finishing it yesterday..... a flu shot! lol, or so my mom said it was my reward. bleh, I hate shots but it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be...though my arm is still a little sore. 
all in all, it was a productive day. 
Today I think I'm going to go see Rent with my sister. It should be fun. Yall enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Break!! <3

my schedule for spring semester...

November 24 2005


so since everybody else put their schedules for next semester up, I thought I might as well "join the band wagon" and put mine up as well....

Mon, Wed, Fri.
8-8:50am Music Appreciation
10-10:30am Chapel
12-12:50pm Luke and Acts (bible class)
1-1:50pm Fresh. Comp/English

Tues, Thurs
8-9:15am Schooling in America
9:30-10am University Bible
1:20-2:35pm Intro. to Communications
2:45-4pm  University Singers (choir)

so there ya have it!! lol :) yall have a great TURKEY DAY! <3 <3