Stupid, Stupid Michelle

July 07 2005
i forget i have an account on myspace and on phusebox besides my main account on xanga. smart. well. not much to say here. ive been really angry lately and im not proud of it. ive been really happy sometimes and im glad for it. ive been really sad and it just gets to me i let myself be this way. i let these things happen to me when i have total control over them. its my life and i should remember that more.

Nathan Moore

July 08 2005
sometimes it is difficult to control the things you know that you have control over... it is a contradiction of human nature.


July 09 2005
hey you gonna be in band this year??? well if you are i am milly,actually its emily, and im gonna b a sophomore and im a pic player see ya next tuesday!!!


July 13 2005
wait... what? you and DJ? DJ as in... DJ DJ? no way.

Hanna F.

August 03 2005
your picture is cool. i like it.