Paige's future..

August 09 2005
GOSH suzanne: yeah she'll be like "yo Twanika, hit me up wit anotha joint."
BbAlLShAwNiE: haha and shell be behind the school going How much will you give me for this marijuana??
GOSH suzanne: and under the bleachers "AHHH I CAN'T FIND ME ANY MO SMOKES! IMA GONNA DIEEEE!"
BbAlLShAwNiE: And at the bar Mo why do I have so many problems..Well while your at it hit me up with 5 more shots
GOSH suzanne: and walking into a liquor store...having to steal a bottle of jack daniels cause she already spent all of her money on pot
BbAlLShAwNiE: What a hard knock life for me its a hard knock life for me
GOSH suzanne: and she'll have to sleep on my porch
BbAlLShAwNiE: or in my garage
GOSH suzanne: only if you keep it open
GOSH suzanne: then she'll have to dig through your garbage
BbAlLShAwNiE: ill give her a key
GOSH suzanne: haha
GOSH suzanne: "ooooh yes! a half eaten banana! this is the most i've eaten since my wannabe rocker days!"
BbAlLShAwNiE: haha a BUG! My favorite snack!
GOSH suzanne: "ooooh my GAW. a cockroach! there IS a God!"

*Justine Mettler

August 09 2005
omg! yall are so crazy. haha you guys kill me. with your conversations. hmm pretty sure i love you tho! :]


August 09 2005
you are SO mean

ennazus bmal

August 09 2005
ahahahahahaha i am STILL cracking up about that!


August 12 2005
heya shawn i have 1 of these now so just sayin hi come leave me 1 some time lauren

egiap rentek

August 14 2005
im very hurt ( holding the tiers in ) hahah i still

egiap rentek

August 15 2005
what do u mean i bet i know why do u think it has anything to do with codie it doesnt!!!!!


August 18 2005

egiap rentek

August 21 2005

*Justine Mettler

September 03 2005
i absolutely LOVE you!..

Sarah Marie

November 14 2005
hey! it's sarah felder! you were at pagie's party and we hung out!! lol so i thought i would say hi and tell you i got a phuse box! sarah marie


November 20 2005
SHOOPER! haha ur a goober! just messin i love ya! <i>leslie<i>


November 20 2005
psh me jealous? U WISH! u just cant handle this! hey if i dont leave u one in a while.. im in bed! ha! love ya my perty AWWn!