Tyler Hilton

February 26 2006

I just have to say that Tyler Hilton rocks my face off!

what a heart throb

It's Back

December 30 2005

      Hey, phusebox is back finally....my friend said the other day that she thought she broke it....lol...anyway....I'm going to be gone for a few days....I'm going skiing! yay....for the first time too.

well, see you guys in a little while.....mwa

<3 Lizz

i suck!

December 10 2005

man i suck... i allways forget about this place and don't update...i allways forget....dang...bleh.....everything's kinda bleh right now so there not much going so.............bye

and i've just realized that every single title of my entries have and exclamation mark at the end...lol....yeah

Movie Star!

November 19 2005

Gues what, guess what, guess what!

My daddy is in a big screen movie! I am soooo excited...He's in the new Johnny Cash movie called Walk The Line..I'll put a picture of him on here so that you know what to look for if you've never seen...Most of my friends have seen him though. Anyway, I'll teel you where to look for him. When Johnny is coming back from Mexico and he's coming dow the escalator and my dad is one of the FBI agents down at the bottom, waiting for him. And then when they're going through his stuff in a room in the air port and he's there too...we had so much fun watching the movie last night....yeah

well, i gotta go!


Wow! I'm Busy!

November 12 2005

oh my gosh...I've been so busy. I haven't been on the computer in a week. My sister is on constatly so i almost never get on anyway.....

.....between dance practice, hanging out with my youth group, school, homework, and who knows what else, i barely have time for anything else. Anyway, I'm having a great time with JV Dance and everything...It's so much fun. I've made eight new wonderful friends. I went to my first highschool party at one of their houses... They're great. Our choreographer is cool too. She's got a cool new dance that we may get to do at one of the pep rallys...AWSOME

Love You Guys,



November 03 2005

    oops...i just realized that i didn't finish my entry from tuesday...lol...so anyways...I'm so excited about basketball season... cuz we're gonna get to dance at a lot more games...and even do some pep rallys....AWSOME!  I'm really excited y'all....

bla bla bla

mmk...i really like this guy at school and he prolly doesn't even know i'm alive....i know what i mean?


November 01 2005

       I am so sore.....i had jv dance practice on saturday and we have to do this lunge thing in the dance that we're learning so we had to do it over and over again and my leg is so sore........wow....

       Ok, so yesterday was Halloween right? well, i had dance practice until 6 which sucked cuz my friend Rachel's halloween party started at 5:30 and then i had to get dressed for the party in the car....so anyways...the party was fun anyway....i was so tired thought that i forgot to do my homework..so yeah....plus i've just had a lot on my mind lately and i'm alittle depressed at times....well, see ya later.



October 25 2005

wow this is my first entry......how interesting...leave me remarks....luv to all.

<3 Lizz